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The Voice UK: Top 8

I groaned about how terribly awful this season has become, but this episode actually proved me wrong. Somehow, everyone stepped up their game and there was no actual trainwreck compared to the previous episode. I didn't expect that, but it was a welcome surprise. Can they actually produce more showstoppers in the last episode? We'll see.

On with the show!

08. Lyrickal
See You Again
I kind of understood what Lyrickal was trying to do, but the execution of this song was beyond awful. Seriously? 3

07. Beautiful
I was hoping for something better from Vangelis - was it the song choice? - but this was just painfully lifeless and mediocre. I don't know. It was such a shame as I found his previous performances quite strong and this just wasn't good enough. 5

06. Jordan Gray
Dancing In The Dark
I admit, I've never been a fan of Jordan and her unbridled energy, but this was a marked improvement from the mess the week before. She managed to somehow control his vocals despite running around the stage, and she really looked like she was having fun. 7

05. Lydia Lucy
I'll Be There
She's like a less memorable Cher Lloyd. To be perfectly honest, I cringed at the song choice and the verses sounded a bit labored despite sounding strong, but the breakdown in the middle section was pretty brilliant as it made the performance a little less karaoke. 7.5

04. Kevin Simm
Rolling In The Deep
While this was arguably one of the more technically successful vocals of the night, I didn't think it was different enough to make a lasting impression. Sure, his vocals sounded great and his grasp on pitch was impressive, but I felt like I've seen this before from him. I wonder if he still has anything else under his sleeves. 8

03. Heather Cameron-Hayes
Look, Heather's vocals weren't as pitch perfect as Kevin's, but the unexpected song choice and arrangement was a pleasant surprise and her vocals just soared especially towards the end. This was one riveting performance. 8

02. Cody Frost
The Chain
Terrific! Not sure what to expect, but Cody sounded fantastic with the song. The almost husky texture of her vocals complemented the dark arrangement of the song, her pitch was on point, and her phrasing was exquisite. 8.5

01. Jolan
Purple Rain
Outstanding! Quite frankly, Jolan seemed like a completely underrated contestant this year. He can rival Kevin in terms of vocal ability and be as dangerous as Cody in terms of character. His version of Purple Rain for instance was fantastic vocally and also had enough character and theatricality to be interesting. Hands down, one of the best performances of the season. 9.5
The Voice UK: Top 8 Reviewed by DAM on 3:32 AM Rating: 5

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