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Movie Review: Captain America: Civil War

I went into Captain America: Civil War with unfairly gargantuan expectations, and somehow, the film managed to exceed all of them, which is rare in the realm of tiring sequels and lazy remakes. The narrative was simple but tightly focused, the script sparked up the exposition with some sparkling dialogue, and the characters were very well defined. It was astoundingly impressive how the film managed to fit in so many 'big' characters into one film and yet it never felt unbalanced and convoluted - there was a fluid coherence to everything that was quite striking. On a technical standpoint, the film, as expected, was beyond reproach from the flawless visual effects down to the spectacularly choreographed action sequences. Captain America: Civil War was an absurdly entertaining action spectacle that may just be, bar none, the best superhero movie ever! This made me do something increasingly rare in these over-franchised times - root for a sequel. Ha.

Movie Review: Captain America: Civil War Reviewed by DAM on 9:20 PM Rating: 5

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