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The Voice Australia 5: Top 6

Not going to lie, the Top 6 was incredibly strong this week, but I'm not really sure that they ended up with a solid Top 4. I know. I know. The people who got cut had a rough week and their performances weren't really that good, but based on their body of work, they should've been part of the Finale. At this point, I'm rooting for two (2) people, but something tells me that I, again, wouldn't agree with Australia's decision come next week. 

On with the show!


04. Aaliyah Warren
Aaliyah looked absolutely gorgeous, but that's the only thing that's working for her at this point. Her vocals were lazy as she clumsily threw her notes all over the place and there was just no fire in her delivery. Maybe Jessie J was right all this time. 3

03. Mitch Gardner
Talk Me Down
This Troye Sivan track was genius for Mitch. The laid back quality of his vocals was a perfect fit for the song despite lacking the range and vocal dexterity to give the performance a little punch. It sounded a bit flat, but I digress. 5

02. Ellen Reed
Good Luck
It had some stunning moments. She looked comfortable navigating the tricky melody of the song and she sounded good. I would've liked her to be a little more precise with her runs, but other than that, good job. 7.5

01. Alfie Arcuri
That was an astoundingly hard song to sing, and you know what, Alfie pulled it off quite nicely. He was a bit behind the tempo as soon as he hit the wordy bridge, but his tone and range sounded fantastic on the song. It was pretty riveting to watch him push his vocals outside his comfort zone. 8.5

Aaliyah Warren
Mitch Gardner



06. Jack Pellow
Fall At Your Feet
What happened, Jack? He sounded lost throughout the performance that his vocals suffered. I thought the key was pitched way too low during the verses that he almost sounded out of tune and it didn't let his vocals breathe when he hit the chorus. Such a shame. 3

05. Andrew Loadsman
Love Runs Out
Too bad. Andrew hit a roadblock with a technical glitch at the start of his performance and he was just not able to recover. Her vocals were in and out of tune and while he tried to back it up with his endless charisma and stage presence, his vocals was just too inconsistent not to notice. This would've been an easy performance from him. Sigh. 4.5

04. Adam Ladell
Viva La Vida
This was a decent cover of the song, but to be perfectly honest, I'm still not sure I know Adam as an artist. He can sing, he has a great tone, but what music will he release in the future? I don't know. It's been all over the place and I don't think I can get behind that. 5.5

03. Ellen Reed
Look, there's no denying that Ellen has been very consistent vocally throughout the season that this was, to me, nothing to her. She sounded lovely during the quiet moments, but I felt like she pushed her vocals too hard towards the end that it didn't sit well with the liberties she took with the melody. It was still good, but it could've been a lot tighter. 7

02. Alfie Arcuri
All Of Me
That was probably one of Alfie's best performance this season. I thought his control over his instrument was impressive, his vocals soared wonderfully, and there was a palpable emotions in his delivery. I would've liked him to open his eye a little more to really connect with Australia, but that's me nitpicking. 8

01. Tash Lockhart
Gorgeous. I've heard a lot of covers from all the reality singing shows that I've been following, and while this was in no way different from the rest, her vocal control was just impeccable, her transitions flawless, and her falsetto was a lot stronger than I expected. She may be this year's dark horse. 8.5

Jack Pellow
Andrew Loadsman


Tash Lockhart

Adam Ladell
The Voice Australia 5: Top 6 Reviewed by DAM on 3:29 AM Rating: 5

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