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The Voice US 11: Blind Auditions Part 1

.. and then we're back! Haha.

The Voice US is now on their 11th season. Yikes. Good thing, the show decided to mix it up this season and add to the party two strong women who could seriously take down Adam and Blake, and you know what, I'm loving it.

Miley Cyrus, for one, wasn't a wrecking ball as I initially expected. She was thoughtful with good and concise words to say to the hopefuls. She's also pretty hilarious. Alicia Keys, on the other hand, was like Pharrell Williams who had deep words to say and more of the emotions and whatnot. I'm all for that. Hopefully, these duo will not disappoint once the live shows starts.

On with the show!

Jason Warrior
Living For The City
He has a strong soulful voice with a penchant for superfluous ad libs and runs. I think he could be worthy Knockout contender if he and his coach played the cards right - song choice and maybe some restraint can do the trick. 7

Dave Moisan
Sex And Candy
There's a fantastic groove to his delivery of Sex and Candy that made this blind audition really solid. I thought his tone sounded appealingly unique and while his pitch was a little inconsistent throughout the song, his ability to give shade and dynamics to his vocals made up for it. Good job. 8

Courtnie Ramirez
Mama Knows Best
Not sure if it was the song that made her be on top of her range for most of the performance, which to me sounded a tad forced, but I found little nuance to her vocals. Maybe Miley can teach her that? 5.5

Sundance Head
I've Been Loving You Too Long
A once American Idol Season 6 frontrunner - yes, the season where Jordin Sparks won the show - Sundance made a huge comeback via The Voice and I must say, he sounded really good. His transitions were smooth, his vocals were on point, and his range was huge. Something tells me that he'll not last that long, but we'll see. 7.5

Ali Caldwell
Dangerous Woman
Don't get me wrong. Ali has a terrific belter voice, but there's nothing about her that excite me. I've heard so many singers like her.. better singers like her. She may last long in the competition, but then again, nothing exciting. I'm hoping her interesting decision to go with Miley will give her an element of surprise in the next coming rounds. 7.5

Riley Elmore
The Way You Look Tonight
He's fine. Singers like him usually fizzles out during the Battles, so there. 6

Dana Harper
Lovely! I didn't expect her to pick a Nick Jonas song, I didn't expect her to arrange it that way, and I didn't expect her to go with Blake. Dana sounded impeccable with this re-arranged version of the song, her range was spectacular including that low note at the middle, and her vocal control was unbelievable. She does lack a bit of a spark, but that's me nitpicking. 8

Gabe Broussard
Lonely Night In Georgia
I honestly didn't expect something like that to come out from a 15-year-old guy. There's so much maturity to his tone and delivery and the last part sounded really great. Not sure if he's charismatic enough though. 7

Christian Cuevas
How Am I Supposed To Live Without You
While there's a sincerity to Christian's voice - and a technically good voice - I just can't with the song choice. Dear Alicia, pick songs that are not as schmaltzy as this. Thanks. 7.5
The Voice US 11: Blind Auditions Part 1 Reviewed by DAM on 3:19 AM Rating: 5

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