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The Voice US 11: Blind Auditions Part 3

We only had a short episode on The Voice today due to the presidential debate - Clinton VS the reality star - but that's not to say there were no good singers in tonight's episode. In fact, I'll probably watch out for two new people from now on. Oh, and yes, I'm still loving Miley.

On with the show!

Bindi Liebowitz
Bust Your Windows
She's good. Not entirely fantastic, but the way she navigated the melody of the song with some impressive rhythm, groove, and fantastic phrasing was enough reason for her to go beyond this round. I'm not sure how she'll stack up with the rest of Adam's team, but with the right song choice, she could go very far. 7.5

Elia Esparza
Como La Flor
Eh. Not sure what to think about her. Yes, she has a good voice, but not necessarily distinct other than the fact that she can sing in Spanish. Make her sing an english song and she'd probably be lost in the mix. I don't know. 6

Lane Mack
Every Day I Have The Blues
Solid job, Lane! Why didn't the other judges turn for him? I thought he has a strong bluesy rock voice with a good amount of grit to give his take on the song some much needed dimension. He also looked relatively confident on stage. Excited to see more of this guy. 7

Kerlee Metzger
Wow. Look, Kerlee's vocals weren't perfect, but how she managed to showcase all of her strengths as a vocalist on a song like Samson was riveting. Her falsetto sounded gorgeous and the understated softness of the verses were lovely, and yet, she infused some power towards the end that gave the performance some character and not just a straight up cover. 8

Josh Halverson
Forever Young
It was a pleasant cover of the song, but I still have some reservations with Josh. If he could improve on his diction and enunciation, I could probably get behind him, but until then, I'm on the fence with him. He has a decent sounding voice though. 6.5
The Voice US 11: Blind Auditions Part 3 Reviewed by DAM on 3:24 AM Rating: 5

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