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The Voice US 11: Blind Auditions Part 5

So, this was the last Blind Audition episode this season and, boy, was it fast. Did I enjoy this panel so bad that I didn't realize that we're now headed to the dreaded Battle Rounds - a phase I don't blog. Haha.

Tonight, no one really stood out. There were a couple of good ones, but nothing spectacular compared to prior episodes. We shall see.

On with the show!

Whitney & Shannon
Gorgeous. Their voices sounded a little too soft with not enough power, but that softness was actually quite refreshing. The melodies were terrific and there's a likeablity to them that's palpable. Will they be versatile enough to last until the live shows? I'm not so sure, but from what I heard, they're interesting. 7.5

Johnny Rez
Hmm. He's ok. There's a languid quality to his delivery - or maybe it's his phrasing? - that I'm not particularly fond of. I don't know. He's fine, I guess. 6

Maye Thomas
She already had me with the song choice. Look, Maye doesn't have the best voice, but her vibe was cool, her vocals were consistent, and she has a interesting tone. I thought the song was a perfect fit to her voice and knowing that is a good sign. 7

Courtney Harrell
Let It Go
She's good. I thought she had great control over her vocals and there's an edge to her voice that's intriguing. Not particularly sure if choosing Blake was the best choice for her, but looking at Alicia's strong team, maybe she's better off? 7.5

Kylie Rothfield
Wherever I Go
Good controlled voice with impressive texture. I'm not sure I enjoyed her version of the song, but that means, she's just creative as well. Nothing outstanding, but good enough. 7

Natasha Bure
Can't Help Falling In Love
Not a fan of her rendition. I thought her voice sounded okay, but nothing particularly distinct and her phrasing was sluggish with some odd vocal choices. 5.5

Blaine Long
Have A Little Faith In Me
He started a little too tentative that I was almost drifting away. He picked it up towards the middle of the performance, but I was almost bored. I don't know. Blaine's voice sounded nice though. 6.5

Ponciano Seaone
He may sound a lot like Phillip Phillips, but his connection to the song was a bit lacking and his grasp on pitch was a little uneven. I'm also not sure he'll survive the Battles. We'll see. 6

Josette Diaz
Love Yourself
Eh. She had her moments, but I didn't think this was a good blind audition. It was decent at best. I thought her pitch wavered a bit and she lacked oomp and spice to be memorable. Is this our last audition? 6
The Voice US 11: Blind Auditions Part 5 Reviewed by DAM on 3:22 AM Rating: 5

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