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X Factor Australia 8: Top 8

Last week was pretty tough watching four (4) people leaving the competition - especially with Adam's team being a strong group. This week, the competition continues with Makeover Week and we're now down to eight (8) people.

To be honest, the performances were okay in general. There were a couple of standouts, but for the most part, they were just decent. They need to step it up in the next couple of weeks because things will be brutal.

Oh, and the new host, Jason Dundas, was incredibly annoying and I was glad Iggy called him out on that rivalry thing he's trying to stir up. Good on you, Ms. Azalea.

On with the show!

08. Brentwood
Iggy Azalea has officially ruined Brentwood. What was this? No, I don't think they sounded awful, but the direction that they're going is far from what I enjoyed most about them. They're fantastic at flipping a song to something more raw and understated, and this felt like a complete karaoke version of the song. Finley also sounded a little too shrill during the chorus. Not their best night. Bring the old Brentwood back! I miss them. 5

07. Vlado
Into You
I cringed when I learned that Vlado was about to sink his teeth into an Ariana Grande song, but this was actually better than I expected despite some pitch issues. Don't get me wrong. Vlado, to me, is arguably the weakest singer left in the competition, but the arrangement complimented his limited vocal range and highlighted the stronger side of his voice. It allowed him to stretch his vocals, but not enough that it almost sounded unpleasant. 6

06. Davey Woder
Small Bump
This was a nice change of pace for Davey and I never thought he had this in him. Small Bump was an interesting song choice for him just because it needed a more subtle approach to the song, which I don't think Davey could pull off, but he did. The grit was surprisingly gone in this performance and instead we got a more clean and understated vocals from him. Not sure if I will enjoy this path for him, but this was a pleasant surprise. 6.5

05. AYA
End of Time
Other than that terrible vocal mistake Vita made at the start of the song, AYA was mostly pretty solid. The harmonies were, for the most part, tight, I liked that they moved around the stage, and there's a bit of choreography going on. Not sure if the song choice was the right one for them as the tempo felt a little too fast for them, but they tried to make it work. 7

04. Chynna Taylor
Pride (In The Name of Love)
As usual, Chynna's vocals were impeccable. The vocal control was insane and her voice just soared on the track. That being said, the lyrics and underlying message of the song, Pride, just doesn't lend itself to a dance remix. It was an awful decision from Guy and if not for her vocals, this would've ranked A LOT lower. 7.5

03. Beatz
If You Love Me/Whip My Hair
Look, the transition from If You Love Me to Whip My Hair was a tad sloppy, but everything else was golden. I thought their vocals and harmonies on the first song was divine, and when they switched and turned the beat up with the Willow Smith song, I was sold. The choreography was on point, the breakdown was a nice little touch, and I loved that their vocals didn't falter while they were running around the stage. Good job! 8

02. Amalia
It was pretty hysterical to see Amalia's face when she thought she'd sing something from Frozen the movie and Adam just laid it on to her that it's actually a song by Madonna. Was this different from anything Amalia has done this season? No, but one can't disregard the fact that she sounded excellent on this song. Adam was smart enough to stick on to what she does best *cough*Iggy*cough* and play on the variations slightly. Sure, this was another slow song from her, but there's intensity and it's darker unlike last week, which was more angelic and serene. This was pretty terrific. 9

01. Isaiah Firebrace
Let It Be
I groaned at the overdone song choice, but I knew Adam had something in mind, and I thought Isaiah delivered it with a great deal of passion and intensity. The build up was particularly riveting and his vocals were just flawless. His tone front and center was actually pretty haunting and the way his voice navigated the melody with some of his intricate vocal choices was impressive. I'm a fan. 9


X Factor Australia 8: Top 8 Reviewed by DAM on 3:41 AM Rating: 5

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