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X Factor UK 13: Top 7

Atrocious. I'm not sure if I'm just not in the mood or the show really sucked hard tonight, but the performances were just beyond awful. Even the eventual winner, Matt Terry, was a ball of bland. I don't even know if I have enough enthusiasm to continue with this show. Why? Honey G! Haha. On with the show!

07. Honey G
Stayin' Alive
No comment. N/A

06. Emily Middlemas
Wishing On A Star
A total vocal meltdown. What happened? It was as if Emily was trying to find the right key for her throughout the song and just gave up and remained under the right pitch. Her falsetto was weak, the delivery was lifeless, and I couldn't wait for it to finish. This seemed like a deliberate torture to me. 2

05. Ryan Lawrie
Play That Funky Music
Can they vote him off already and end all this mediocrity? No, the vocals were completely fine and I really felt like he was trying hard to be good, but I don't think it's good enough - or better yet, he's good enough to win the show. The performance came off desperate to be likeable. 4

04. Sam Lavery
I Will Survive
There's something about Sam's vocal technique that I don't really understand and it throws me off. I mean, this would've been a good performance if not for some of her vocal inflections that didn't sound good. I don't know. 5

03. Matt Terry
Best of My Love
He's probably the only saving grace of this show this season and even his performance are becoming predictable and bland. The vocals were good - save for that wonky notes at the end - but other than that, I had nothing more to say about the performance. You know what's the most interesting about it? That he started off back stage. Haha. 6

02. 5 After Midnight
Boogie Wonderland / September
Not the best vocal performance I've heard from them, but at least, it was entertaining. The staging was good, the solos were decent, and the breakdown towards the end was a nice little touch. It's one of the better performances of the night, but no way near any of their performances before. 6.5

01. Saara Aalto
No More Tears (Enough is Enough)
Thank you, Saara for this performance! Look, this may not be everyone's cup of tea and I don't think it's the best performance EVER, but on the context of her performance relative to the others, she came out looking like an Adele in a sea of Selena Gomezes. I thought her vocals were on point, the staging had the right amount of crazy, and it wasn't boring at all. 7.5

Honey G

Ryan Lawrie
X Factor UK 13: Top 7 Reviewed by DAM on 6:05 PM Rating: 5

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