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Movie Review: Wonder Woman

GAL. FREAKIN'. GADOT. Straight up, Wonder Woman was the definition of what an introductory superhero film should be.

The story, though highly predictable, was compelling and strangely relatable that I actually cared about each and every single character. I thought it had a surprising amount of well-placed humor, and apart from a few dodgy moments, the visual effects were downright stunning. In fact, this was probably the most visually impressive film I have seen from DC thus far. Yes, it still had that almost dark and gritty atmosphere towards the end, which was pretty consistent with any other DC films, but it offered something different - colors! Haha. Most of the action sequences also looked and felt epic - especially the one in the beach of Themyscira and the Western Front action scenes in Belgium.

With DC banking so much on Justice League being a huge accumulation of characters fans love, Wonder Woman was the film that had to be outstanding to gain momentum for what was just over the horizon. Well, I'm happy to say that this was not only an exceptionally well-made superhero film, but an exceptionally well-made film, period. Oh, and did I mention, GAL. FREAKIN'. GADOT!

Movie Review: Wonder Woman Reviewed by DAM on 2:13 AM Rating: 5

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