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Music Release: David Guetta (ft. Justin Bieber) - 2U "is not just another EDM song."

David Guetta (ft. Justin Bieber), 2U

2U may be one of David Guetta's best work in recent years and rightfully so.

The track which is assisted by pop superstar Justin Bieber is successful in its core elements. 2U is an EDM pop track that could also work in an acoustic version if given a chance. On paper, one could argue that this is yet another EDM pop song that is weighted on the current radio status quo. But that is also the thing with this new David Guetta single. 2U is not just another EDM song.

2U may have the EDM elements but it didn't rely heavily on that production. More so, the EDM production allows the single to be radio accessible - necessary to be a hit but not essential. Quite a contradiction to be honest but that's where the vocalist's performance on the track works.

Justin Bieber has been criticized in his early days because of his vocals and techniques. The pop singer then continuously proved and improved that he can carry a tune and develop and very well growth in terms of impressive vocal showings. From As long as you love me to his recent successful tracks Love Yourself, Justin was able to showcase that growth. In 2U, Bieber shows a poignant delivery. The vocals felt personal and special. It has a sublime quality that didn't allow the production to overpower his vocals.

2U allows Bieber to deliver a powerful performance not to the extent of any bombastic vocal techniques but a commanding voice that essentially made it feel sincere. It is surprisingly solid. Not to mention, the vocals didn't feel too small even with an EDM backtrack nor too big to sound accessible. More so, the vocals made it easily attributed Justin Bieber and that is a plus points especially if we consider how successful he is - not to mention, Despacito is the biggest hit today.

The weakness of the track though may be presented on the fact that the lyrics - even if well delivered by Bieber - is generically corny and with a pool of EDM tracks that has been dominantly taking the radio, it didn't looked fresh. Truthfully, it is no way a revolutionary EDM track but somehow it had enough punch and quality that makes it easily stands out. From the layered production to the Justin's vocals, 2U is gorgeous at its best.

Do you agree with my thoughts about the song?

Download the song below:
Music Release: David Guetta (ft. Justin Bieber) - 2U "is not just another EDM song." Reviewed by Etan Musni on 3:38 PM Rating: 5

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