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Music Release: Halsey (ft. Lauren Jauregui) - Strangers "is naturally special."

Halsey (ft. Lauren Jauregui), Strangers

Inventive may not be the operative and most proper word to describe Halsey's new single, but there is no doubt that Strangers is pretty cool.

With the the theme presented, Halsey establishes a confidence on identity and the single allowed the artists to be free, light and fun. The production is soft with synths that are 80s inspired and gorgeous phrasing that are airy yet substantial. Strangers allows itself to be naturally special.

Oftentimes, despite some strong showing, Halsey has been criticized with her clunky vocals and uneven song writing but there is a different story with Strangers - her best song to date.

Strangers follows a conversational style of lyrics that were confidently structured in a production that is infectious without even having any catchy repetitive lines. Halsey's vocals here is more than commendable. It is her strongest yet, with so much charisma and sureness. It is airy without sounding ballooned. Lauren Jauregui from the Fifth Harmony fame sounded fantastic as well. her raspy, almost husky voices provided the right and beautiful dynamics on the song.

All in all, Strangers is a gorgeous outing from two openly bisexual artist who created a single that speaks now and break in to the norm without being ambiguous or sounding corny and trying hard. Strangers is sublime in its core and successfully embraces a sense of modern identity. 

Do you agree with my thoughts about the song?

Download the song below:
Music Release: Halsey (ft. Lauren Jauregui) - Strangers "is naturally special." Reviewed by Etan Musni on 2:20 PM Rating: 5

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