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Music Release: Major Lazer - Know No Better "leaves a desire for bombast"

Major Lazer (ft. Travis Scott, Camila Cabello & Quavo), Know No Better

It will be tough to match what Lean On (2015) and Cold Water (2016) has brought to Major Lazer's discography in terms of hits and popularity but the artists are in quest to deliver yet another dance hit. Having former Fifth Harmony vocalist, rapper Quavo and Travis Scott to assist him in this dance track, Major Lazer could be leading up to another potential hit especially two of the artists featured have released or collaborated a single in the past week.

Know No Better, Major Lazer's latest single from the EP of the same title, boasts the same synth and rhythm that is quite familiar. The single starts with a simple sound before hitting a Carribean-themed synths with Travis Scott mainly hitting all the verses. Camila Cabello provided added touch on the chorus - which is a bit repetitive then Quavo provided some rap verses to add some dimensions.

The single is not bad as it was able to maintain its goal of yet another dancehall tune. The production is enough to groove you. The verses, like I said, are repetitive while I feel like Camila's contribution felt more like an afterthought. If I will compare the single to their past hits like Lean On and Cold Water, Know No Better wasn't able to sustain nor match.

In the end, Know No Better rests on its laurel, giving us a formulaic synth tune with a decent production. It was fine but leaves a desire for bombast and satisfaction.

Do you agree with my thoughts about the song?

Download the song below:

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Music Release: Major Lazer - Know No Better "leaves a desire for bombast" Reviewed by Etan Musni on 3:48 PM Rating: 5

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