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TV to Radio: New Music from Grace Vanderwaal, Haley Reinhart, David Cook, and more

DAM NATION has been a committed reality show aficionado throughout the years that it will be a crime if we don't celebrate these reality show alumni post-show success. In our own way of helping to promote these talented artists, DAM NATION is dedicating a biweekly blog post of new releases from your favorite reality show contestants. American Idol, X Factor, The Voice, and Got Talent alumni have a special place for us and hopefully you support, rediscover and love these new tunes.

Here is the second set of new releases. Enjoy!

Grace Vanderwaal, Moonlight
[America's Got Talent Season 11 - Winner]

Remember when Simon Cowell boldly said that Grace Vanderwaal will be the "next Taylor Swift"? Well, Moonlight, her new single has that Taylor Swift feel -- only better. Moonlight has a simple production from the plucking sounds to the Grace's gorgeous vocals front and center. Moonlight is radio friendly and has that hook that is undeniably catchy. The play on the dynamics from those soft verses to that chorus that isn't grande until the bridge that continuously showcased the different dynamics yet everything felt together. It is a pretty solid single from Grace and her best work to date.

Download the song below:

Haley Reinhart, Baby It's You
[American Idol Season 10 - Top 3]

Baby It's You may not be as solid as her previous singles in particular, Undone, Haley carved a niche that could actually separate her from the current pop status quo. Haley is going vintage with this cover from the Shirelles and she manages to make it sound fresh and current. Her gritty vocal riffs and controlled power vocals made the single Baby It's You an ear treat. There is something promising about the single which I think her team is taking a page from her Can't help falling in love cover that did well both in charts and music pundits. While Haley gave that soulful, gritty take on the song, and the vocals were undeniably still gorgeous, Baby It You left something to be desired - Hayley's original personal work.

Download the song below:
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Bea Miller, like that
[X Factor US Season 2 - Top 9]

Bea Miller is one of the few X Factor US alumni who up until now is releasing singles after building a solid fan base to support her journey. Rightfully so, Bea still manages to keep up and like that is yet another solid testament to her vocal ability. like that seems like she tore a page from Lorde's song book and I am not complaining. The single is enjoying a simple production with Bea's vocals front and center. The chorus had that stomp and oomph driven punch that made somehow catchy. like that may find it hard to enjoy radio success because it is not what the current radio has been into but it will surely cater her fans well.

Download the song below:
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Danielle Bradbery, Sway (Static Version)
[The Voice US Season 4 - Winner]

There is something about Sway that is charmingly gorgeous. i wouldn't count the single as a country single even if it is being promoted on that genre but it sounds like a good cross over tune into pop. Danielle - as usual - sounds good with her commendable vocal. Sway is backed up with a production that sounds almost vintage - which I don't mind. It is a simple yet cool single that is accessible and easy.

Download the song below:
David Cook, Gimme Heartbreak
[American Idol Season 7 - Winner]

David is back and he is channeling some Imagine Dragons vibe in his new single, Gimme Heartbreak. From the start, the single is showing signs of dark, edgy mood that set the tone of the song. The production isn't heavy rock that made it pop accessible but throughout the song, Gimme Heartbreak is obviously heavily influenced by classic rock and indie-pop which I think are some of David's strongest points ever since. More so, one thing that really shines in the tune is David's strong vocal set. Gimme Heartbreak could do well in Alternative Radio if given a chance.

Download the song below:

Jess & Matt, Bones (Acoustic)
[X Factor Australia Season 7 - Top 3]

The simple and personal feel of the acoustic mix of Bones is a commendable effort from former X Factor Australia runner up. Jess & Matt released this single first as a pop tune with a mid-tempo beat but recently changed the tone by stripping it down. Jess' smokey vocals are evident on this track  which added color to it. More so, Bones felt sincere when it was just in its simplest form. The acoustic guitar and impressive controlled vocals from Jess & Matt and the harmonies in parts actually created a better outcome.

Download the song below:
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