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Movie Review: Baby Driver

Impressively devoid of gratuitous violence, sex, and profanity, Baby Driver was clearly - and thankfully - not your run-of-the-mill getaway driver action film. It was a smart, breezy crime/heist movie that glided along on wit and cool, funky energy that was delightfully refreshing to watch.

The cinematography was always slick and beautifully shot, the direction was masterful, and the soundtrack was just astonishing and arguably the most memorable aspect of Baby Driver. I also liked that the heists themselves were just secondary to the exposition of the people within the story, and that made the action sequences carry a much stronger impact. The actors were also pretty stellar setting the tone perfectly. Ansel Elgort, in particular, had an impeccably strong presence even with very little dialogue. There was a sheer mastery of control, expression and projection in his face that was quite striking. 

Baby Driver was clever without being complex, humorous without trying to be hysterical, and stylish without going over-the-top. This will keep you under its spell, and never let go.

Movie Review: Baby Driver Reviewed by DAM on 9:00 AM Rating: 5

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