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Movie Review: Dunkirk

Downright impressive!

On paper, Dunkirk's premise wasn't entirely new and exciting - it was basically soldiers on the beach trying to evacuate with a few crew at both sea and air attempting to help - but the masterful direction and brilliant execution made this one of the most immersive 'war' films I've seen in recent memory. The narrative, like most of Christopher Nolan's films, was disorienting and confusing, but delightfully made sense as it progressed, the cinematography was sweeping, the musical score was a little outlandish but with purpose, and the acting performances were rock solid.

I was also highly impressed that most of the characters didn't get proper introductions, or even worse, actual character names and yet there was progression to them that made me care. Dunkirk may be a bit sanitized with violence not as graphic as, say Fury or Saving Private Ryan, but it still managed to give a taste of what must have been a truly terrifying and devastating experience.

Movie Review: Dunkirk Reviewed by DAM on 1:17 AM Rating: 5

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