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TV to Radio: New Music from Cyrus, Calum Scott, Matt Terry and many more

DAM NATION has been a committed reality show afficionado throughout the years that it will be a crime if we don't celebrate these reality show alumni post show success. In our own way of helping to promote these talented artists, DAM NATION is dedicating a biweekly blog post of new releases from your favorite reality show contestants. American Idol, X Factor, Got Talent and The Voice alumnis have a special place for us and hopefully you support, rediscover and love these new tunes.

Here is the fifth set of new releases. Enjoy!

Enrique Iglesias (ft. Sean Paul & Matt Terry), Subeme La Radio Remix
[Matt Terry: X Factor UK 13 - Winner]

It looks like Latin music is gaining traction again worldwide. With Despacito still the top dog of music charts right now, succeeding singles of the same format will have tough time to match its success. Enrique is familiar with charming both his origins and the worldwide audience and adding Sean Paul to this single has broaden his scope. Matt Terry is featured on the English version though it feels like his part is unnecessary because he is unrecognizable in the tune. Subeme La Radio is nothing new and it lacks a catchy chorus to compete. It is a decent effort but is missing sparks.

Download the song below:

Why Don't We, Something Different
[Daniel Seavey: American Idol 14 - Top 9]

Oh, Daniel Seavey. The idea of putting him in a band is smart way to establish his confidence and groom him to a potential solo artist. Now as part of Why Don't We, Daniel and the rest of his gang is bringing back the glory days of boy bands with a light tune in a lazy production. Something Different may not be the breakout hit as it misses a punch and memorable infectious bop, but it plays well on the vocal capability of the band's singers.

Download the song below:

Raelynn, Lonely Call
[The Voice US 2 - Top 16]

Lonely Call reminds you of any Taylor Swift single when she was a country star and it follows that formula. The difference? the catchy and infectious bop and beat. Lonely Call isn't a bad production to be fair. It just rest safely on what you usually hear in the country genre.

Download the song below:

Jeffery Austin, Stay the Night
[The Voice US 9 - Top 4]

It's good to know that Jeffery has stayed on what he knows best and even if Stay the Night is not entirely a power ballad, it still managed to showcase Jeffery's gorgeous vocals. The thing about Stay the Night is that is fails to bring something new. It is a decent effort but nothing groundbreaking.

Download the song below:

Matrix & Futurebound (ft. Calum Scott), Light Us Up
[Calum Scott: Britain's Got Talent 9 - Top 6]

Light Us Up could be easily thought that it has some resemblance to Sigma's Changing. In deed, the build up and hybrid of its drum and bass somehow will remind you of that single. Despite the inspiration, the radiant and euphoric backtrack is boasting a solid vocal performance from BGT alum, Calum Scott. His warmth and sublime voice suits well to this pop tune.

Download the song below:

Baytek (ft. Cyrus), Anchor
[Cyrus Villanueva: X Factor Australia 7 - Winner]

Cyrus is back and everyone has been for him to release his much awaited debut album after winning X factor Australia. While, his fans are still going to anxiously wait, here is Cyrus being featured in this Baytek single Anchor. The track is an electro-pop jam that enjoys a confident tone from Cyrus but it also suffers from the mixed production as it never really establishes itself of what it wants. Anchor is a bit let down especially if you have a talented singer like Cyrus. The lyrics are predictable. The backtrack is all over the place. It just seems disconnected.

Download the song below:
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