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Music Release: Eminem (ft. Beyonce) - Walk On Water "feels personal."

Eminem (ft. Beyonce), Walk On Water

As soon as Beyonce opened the single with her undeniable solid vocal work, it immediately dictates Eminem's new song.

Eminem has been teasing a single release and none expected a Beyonce feature and I still can't believe that there was no leak for it in the media or social media. Regardless, Eminem's new single Walk On Water is poised to be another hit collaboration from the Rap God and Queen Bey!

Walk On Water could be identified as a moody, narcissistic tune or a gospel inspired single with rap verses on it. But one thing that you can't deny is the palpable flow of the single from Beyonce's soaring chorus to Eminem's awesome rap verses.

Walk On Water feels personal. And it was able to connect and be accessible without shoving it to your throat. It asks for more rhythm and probably a pop banger that Eminem successfully established on his previous collaboration hits (Love The Way You Lie, The Monster, Stan) but this is a welcoming surprise.

In the end, Walk On Water could work as separate singles in terms of Beyonce's chorus work (hopefully a Beyonce stripped down single ala Love The Way You Lie Part 2) and Eminem's rap but it is a grower. The last part though is quite anti-climactic.

Download the single below:
Music Release: Eminem (ft. Beyonce) - Walk On Water "feels personal." Reviewed by Etan Musni on 1:30 AM Rating: 5

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