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The Voice US 13: Playoffs #TeamBlake

I've never been a fan of country music and Blake Shelton, so yes, it's not changing this season. Sure, most of them are vocally talented - I can't argue with that - but other than two of them (Chloe and Mitchell) no one really excites me. Of course, it's a personal preference, so I digress.

On with the show!

06. Esera Tuaolo
How Do I Live?
Yikes. This was all kinds of awful. It's annoyingly breathy, his pitch was all over the place, his wonderful tone got lost with the song, and did I say he sounded breathy? Like How Dho Hi Lhive! What gives? 3

05. Red Marlow
Chiseled in Stone
I genuinely, at this point, can't really tell apart all male country singers that's been on this voice, and while Red sounded generally fine, I just couldn't get behind him. He's incredibly generic and just not as exciting as the rest of his contemporaries. That being said, with Blake behind him, he'll probably last longer than he deserves. 6

04. Natalie Stovall
Callin' Baton Rouge
A total crowd pleaser! This would've been perfect if America got to vote as I have a funny feeling that the country block will probably eat this up, but with a Playoffs that depends on Blake's decision alone, this looked like a total throwaway performance. It's fun, I love the energy that she puts into it, her playing the fiddle was quite entertaining, and she sounded good given that she's doing all sorts of things. 7

03. Chloe Kohanski
Time After Time
Her tone sounded insanely glorious on this song and her pitch was almost faultless, but like any other cover of this song, it was lacking some much needed climax. Don't get me wrong, I thought she tweaked the arrangement enough to suit her vocal range and ability, but the song just doesn't lend a vocalist room to showcase much of his or her ability. Good, but I expected more from Chloe. 7

02. Mitchell Lee
Wait, did I miss something? Where did he come from? Haha. Look, Mitchell and his cover of Heaven wasn't particularly original and riveting - it was actually quite predictable - but his voice was golden on the song choice. It sounded very current and radio-ready and that's something rare. He did hit a bad note towards the end, but this was a decent effort from him. Again, where did this dude come from? Haha. 7

01. Keisha Renee
Love Can Build A Bridge
Like any other season of The Voice, there's always that one person that's vocally talented that you'd eventually get tired off after a couple of live shows, and I'm afraid Keisha is that person this season. Yes, she's vocally unstoppable with crazy range, completely flawless intonation, and intricate vocal runs. Add the fact that she's diving into the country genre under Blake Shelton's team and she's practically untouchable. However, there might not be enough room for growth and that will be hard for her to navigate especially on this show. We'll see. 8

Keisha Renae
Red Marlow
Chloe Kohanski
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