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X Factor UK 14: Live Show 3 (Boys & Groups)

WHAT. THE. F@$%! Not really sure if it was the theme, but this was possibly one of the weakest live shows in X Factor UK history. No kidding. Most of these performances sounded awful and the song choices ranged from decent to trainwreck territory. I don't know. I had high hopes this season after the travesty last year, but this is turning out to be a total dud.

On with the show!

07. The Cutkelvins
Reggaeton Lento
Girl, what are you doing? NO! STOP! 2

06. Sean & Conor Price
Cheap Thrills
YIKES. 2.5

05. Sam Black
La Bamba / Twist & Shout

04. Jack & Joel
I don't know about you, but this wasn't as bad as I expected. Sure, the vocals weren't outstanding by any means, but the arrangement worked well with their voices, the breakdown was nice, and the harmonies were, for the most part, decent. They hit a couple of wonky notes here and there, and their whole vibe wasn't something one would take seriously, but I genuinely didn't mind. At the very least, they were entertaining. 5

03. Leon Mallett
Get Lucky
What is Get Lucky doing in a Viva Latino theme on X Factor? Haha. To be fair, Leon worked hard to sell the song given the Latin-infused arrangement of the song and he somehow barely pulled it off. His vocals sounded a little weak though compared to the overbearing band, but it was a passable performance from him. Better than last week? I'm not sure. 5.5

02. Rak-Su
Not bad, but why was I bored with this performance? Maybe this original song wasn't as catchy as their previous ones - in fact, I thought Mamacita from last week would've been a better song choice for this theme. They still sounded good and they, as usual, worked the stage well, but the song wasn't as hard hitting as some of their past materials. 6

01. Lloyd Macey
I've never been a big fan of Lloyd and his vocal technique, but everything here worked for him really well. The song choice was brilliant as it gave him room to stretch his vocal range, his lower register sounded fantastic, and he looked like a potential popstar - well, more of the Josh Groban-lane, but I digress. 7

Leon Mallett
X Factor UK 14: Live Show 3 (Boys & Groups) Reviewed by DAM on 1:09 PM Rating: 5

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