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X Factor UK 14: Live Show 6 (Girls & Boys)

Hmm. I somehow enjoyed the performances from the other night, which is rare because the people that I like are mostly in this group, but I digress. There were still some good performances here. It's just that the vocals were too inconsistent for the most part that it didn't get me excited. Maybe once? I don't know.

On with the show!

06. Sam Black
I'm Your Man
I admit, Sam's upbeat performance was a nice contrast to the sea of ballads, but there's something inherently cheesy with the way he delivered the entire number. I don't know. He can definitely sing and he knows how to work the crowd with his unrelenting energy, but it still came off rather mediocre. Was it just me? 4.5

05. Grace Davies
I Can't Make You Love Me
I like Grace, but she's been annoyingly inconsistent. That acapella verse would've been an incredible moment, but her vocals were terrible, and although she managed to recover from it, the whole performance felt uneven. I mean, it had some wonderful moments, but there were also some questionable vocal cracks. She's been fantastic with her own songs, but I guess covers are just not her thing. Sadly, she's on X Factor and covers are almost always everything. 6.5

04. Alisah Bonaobra
Praying In Time
Eh. Again, outstanding vocals, but that's about it. I didn't connect with her performance at all, her diction was bad, and she looked like she was performing the emotions of the song rather than actually feeling the words. I agree with Simon, this was more wedding singer material. Sorry. 6.5

03. Rai-Elle Williams
They Won't Go When I Go
Minus the fact that the song didn't have a strong melody, I thought Rai-Elle's vocals were pretty great. She stretched her range to heights I didn't think she was capable of reaching, she had a palpable connection to the material, and just to hear her something different was quite refreshing. If only she finessed some of the tuning issues here and there, this would've been slightly better. 7

02. Holly Tandy
One More Try
This was another strong vocal performance from Holly. Her lush and rich tone just sounded divine with the song choice and how her voice soared was pretty spectacular. She did hit a couple of wonky notes towards the end - maybe due to her emotions? - and that made room for... 7.5

01. Lloyd Macey
A Different Corner
.. this flawless vocal performance of Lloyd. Look, his vocal technique and stylish wasn't contemporary by any means, but there's something about his tone that's very appealing. His rendition was beautiful, the controlled vibrato was sublime, and his delivery wasn't too emotional but affecting. 8

Alisah Bonaobra
X Factor UK 14: Live Show 6 (Girls & Boys) Reviewed by DAM on 3:51 PM Rating: 5

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