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Movie Review: Blockers

Look, it's very easy to overanalyze comedies. The ultimate question is: did it make me laugh? Blockers sort of did. I chuckled away merrily with occasional scenes that had me laughed out loud, but there were not too many of them. The premise was just way too familiar and rather simple that the humor, for the most part, was a touch too tame. Sure, there were a couple of sexual and vulgar jokes, but it wasn't as raunchy as I expected. I wanted more! Haha. The script was a bit overcooked, there was no real resolution - the story just sort of stopped - and it did feel like the movie tried to be serious at times, which was odd. Good thing, the onscreen chemistry between the actors felt organic that it somehow sold the narrative quite well. John Cena, in particular, was awkwardly funny. Blockers is for a very specific audience, and if you're okay with this style of comedy, then you'd probably enjoy this.

Movie Review: Blockers Reviewed by DAM on 9:55 PM Rating: 5

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