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Movie Review: The Nun

I was having NUN of it. Haha. Ok, I'll stop.

The Nun had such biblical potential to be both disturbing and downright scary - I mean, it had this genuinely terrifying demon nun that scared the sh*t out of me in The Conjuring 2 - but somehow, the film failed to make use of it and just ended up as a frustratingly predictable mess. Apart from a few unsettling scenes and a couple of good scare, the film was just not worth watching. It felt almost story-less and narratively slight, the jump scares were hysterically predictable, and not for one second did I care about any of the characters here. I don't know. The Nun was just a rote and throwaway movie about a demon pulling really elaborate pranks to its "visitors".

I wanted to be scared, but there was NUN. Haha. Sorry. I can't help it.
Movie Review: The Nun Reviewed by DAM on 4:27 AM Rating: 5

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