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Movie Review: A Star Is Born

The fourth incarnation of A Star Is Born is here and while parts were quite problematic, there were still a lot to love about the film. Lady Gaga, in particular, was flat out magnificent that I wouldn't be surprised if she gets nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress - or even win. Not only was her voice astoundingly great giving dimension and weight to most of the film's soundtrack, but her acting performance was both layered and nuanced. Bradley Cooper was also quite fantastic as the actor and the director. The film was beautifully shot, the cinematography was great, and obviously, the music was outstanding.

All that being said, the film had some major issues. While it had some powerful commentaries on different social issues, there was something about the pace and editing that made it hard, at least for me, to feel anything for the characters. The narrative didn't feel seamless, the second half was such a drag, Lady Gaga's arc didn't make much sense especially how they established her rise to fame, and there was too much focus on Bradley Cooper's story for a movie that's called A Star Is Born.

A Star Is Born could've been a lot better - I blame the writing and the editing - but it was still a good directorial debut for Cooper and clearly the perfect Lady Gaga vehicle as an actress.

Movie Review: A Star Is Born Reviewed by DAM on 12:25 PM Rating: 5

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