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Year-End List 2018: 20 Songs From Reality Singing Shows Alumni

It's that time of the year again where we run down some of the underrated singles from our favorite Reality Show Alumni. DAM NATION thrived because of reality singing shows - in general - and I figured that it's terribly fine to recognize a few songs from different alumni of different shows that go unnoticed. Well, not everyone since some of the songs in this list were big commercial successes, but you know what I mean.

For a big fan of these shows, it's just interesting to see them survive the tough world of music and push themselves out of obscurity. Just like we did in the past years, we named some of the songs that were released in  2018 that are worth mentioning for.

20 Headlights
Hellberg & Leona Lewis
(Leona Lewis, X Factor UK 3)

Leona is one of those reliable vocalist that you just can't deny they are good. In Headlights, the X Factor champs taps on the electro-pop sound and made the most out of the song, creating euphoric experience and Headlights a blast!

19 Awkward
Sleep State
(Troy Ritchie, The Voice US 7)

Troy Ritchie's signature sound is perfect in this 80s vibe, sonic oxymoron, funky tune Awkward. The single that tell tales your awkward - no pun intended - adolescent phase and it was as relatable as it is, while you are bopping your head along with it.

18 Strip
Little Mix (ft. Sharaya J)
(Little Mix, X Factor UK 8/Sharaya J, The Four 2)

There's no denying the powerful pipes and lovely harmonies are the forefront weapons of the girls of Little Mix. With the assistance of budding rapper, Sharaya J, the X Factor champs sings with confidence as their single Strip promotes confidence in this women empowered - love yourself - anthem that is just a powerful boost in today's era. 

17 On It
Sam Woolf, Como Brothers
(Sam Woolf, American Idol 13)

Talk about a funky tune, Sam Woolf together with Como Brothers found a radio friendly, hook laden and lovely tune in On It. The single is as groovy as it is.

16 On the Loose
Niall Horan
(Niall Horan, X Factor UK 7)

A standout from his Flicker album, On the Loose has all the recipe for a radio hit - but the reception seems to be mild - regardless, the 80's inspired groovy tune is a treat, something you could listen endlessly on a road trip. Not complaining!

15 No Matter What
Calum Scott
(Calum Scott, British Got Talent 9)

A powerful ballad. Calum's has a knack of telling stories by singing them. His delivery with No Matter What is gorgeous. With the single's production consists mainly with piano and some strings, Calum's vocals were front and center while the song still soars beautifully!

14 Waves
Normani (ft. 6LACK)
(Normani, X Factor US 2)

While Waves has yet duplicated the success of Love Lies, there is no denying that Normani is on her way to becoming one promising pop-R&B artist of her generation. Waves is at its best lovely. The  pre-chorus is catchy, chorus is euphoric and the vocals were smooth.

13 Cry Pretty
Carrie Underwood
(Carrie Underwood, American Idol 4)

Because not all country songs will always be about booze and trucks and girls and boys, Carrie Underwood delivered a powerful message in this power ballad anthem, Cry Pretty, reminding all of us why she is one of the most successful Idol Winners of all time.

12 Familiar
J Balvin, Liam Payne
(Liam Payne, X Factor UK 7)

Liam continuously released single after single before he drop his much awaited debut album. To be fair, the former One Direction heartthrob, doesn't disappoint. Releasing decent singles and some catchy ear worms, Liam is carving his mark in the pop genre. Familiar is a treat. With a repetitive hook and catchy rhythm, Familiar is a perfect summer, lying on the beach, kind of song.

11 Last Night's Mascara
Brynn Cartelli
(Brynn Cartelli, The Voice US 14)

Could Brynn actually break the curs of the former The Voice winners not breaking pop charts? The young, promising singer has all the recipe of a breakout star and Last Night's Mascara's infectious chorus and memorable hook could be a potential hit. This reminds me so much of Kelly Clarkson's years when she was starting. Solid, poppy and catchy.

10 Empty Space
James Arthur
(James Arthur, X Factor UK 9)

James Arthur had a nice comeback and he continuously creating tunes after tunes. Empty Space is yet another acoustic-guitar driven track, putting his vocals forefront. The single's production picks up towards the second verse, adding more percussion to drive the beat and a layer to the already solid single.

9 Ruin My Life
Zara Larsson
(Zara Larsson, Talang 2008)

Can Zara Larsson do wrong? Apparently not cos Ruin My Life is a bop. It has a repetitive  and  memorable chorus, an infectious hook and catchy rhythm.

8 Strangers
Halsey (ft. Lauren Jauregui)
(Lauren Jauregui, X Factor US 2)

Strangers is a thing of beauty. Halsey and Lauren created a beautiful, conversation like, pop tune that explores both their individualities and put front and center their voice qualities. It has the fuzzy, 80s pop vibe. Oh and Lauren's raspy vocals, gorgeous!

7 Consequences
Camila Cabello
(Camila Cabello, X Factor US 2)

From tropical bop to mid-tempo tune, Camila is showcasing as much as what she can and Consequences is surprisingly another solid tune. Consequences is a piano driven track, that is build up with some hooks and memorable lyrics play. She also sounded pretty in this track.

6 Scared
Nick Fradiani
(Nick Fradiani, American Idol 14)

Nick yearns and pleads on this emotional ballad. Scared is a gorgeous acoustic-ballad, that solidifies Nick as an underrated pop artist and song writer. It is an emotional with emotional yet memorable hook and had some moody vibe.

5 Polaroid
Jonas Blue, Liam Payne, Lennon Stella
(Liam Payne, X Factor UK 7)

Polaroid is that generic pop single that you thought you don't need but with a catchy hook and infectious, memorable chorus, you just can't help but sing and bop along. Polaroid may not be a standout among its contemporaries but with its accessibility and radio friendly qualities, it actually works.

4 Bottled Up
Dinah Jane (ft. Ty Dolla $ign & Marc E. Bassy)
(Dinah Jane, X Factor US 2)

Dinah Jane's Bottled Up played the ingredients that worked well when she was with Fifth Harmony. That memorable synths, generic lyrics and repetitive hooks, Bottled Up, for what its worth, has achieved that radio-friendly quality. It is in the end, a catchy song and sometimes that's all you need!

3 Don't Say You Love Me
Fifth Harmony
(Fifth Harmony, X Factor US 2)

For a swan song, I am surprised how the radio and public didn't receive this single as big as it should be. It was one of the standouts from Fifth Harmony's last album. From the fantastic vocals, memorable chorus,  infectious hooks and dance beat production, Don't Say You Love Me is easily one of their best, radio friendly and undeniably easy listening single. No bells and whistles, just a freaking good song.

2 Expectations
Lauren Jauregui
(Lauren Jauregui, X Factor US 2)

Dark. Moody. Raspy Vocals. Fantastic. Enough said.

1 Party For One
Carly Rae Jepsen
(Carly Rae Jepsen, Canadian Idol 5)

How could you make a heartbreak song sound so much fun? Carly Rae Jepsen did it again, Party For One is that song somehow flips the switch despite the song's core. It's fun, fuzzy and an outright bop from beginning to end!
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