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Movie Review: Daybreakers

It didn't suck! Haha.

No creature in the history of film or television has been represented more than vampires. They're everywhere! And over the past few years, the vampire story had already lost it's balls. It became almost a caricature of itself. Instead of an undead dying when they set foot in the sun, they sparkle like back-up dancers of Adam Lambert. Haha. I believe this movie was a return to its original form.

Surprisingly, the film wasn't your typical cliché-ridden vampire horror. Clearly, it had some sensible writing involved here. The script was loaded with unpredictable twists and shocking reveals - even horrific mutant creatures appeared out of nowhere with perfect timing.

I thought that it did an exceptional job of taking the conventional vampire premise to something new and fresh. The story was strong and entertaining despite its obvious ending and the social commentary was upfront but not preachy.

The plot itself was efficient, but it was the visuals that delivered the goods, I believe. The sheer starkness of the visuals kept my attention the whole time. I thought that the desaturation technique - which was used in Underworld - was much cleaner and sleeker in this film. Also, the special effects and action scenes were top-notch, particularly a gruesome set-piece near the film's climax. Sweeping cinematography, crisp editing and a masterful musical score. It was technically spot on.

The acting, on the other hand, was decent. I thought that everyone, especially Ethan Hawke, settled into their roles really well, giving their characters substance and backing. It wasn't the movie's strongest suit but competent nonetheless.

To me, this film passed a key horror movie test: when you leave the theater, the outside world does not look quite as reassuring as it normally does. Ha!

Largely, it was indeed a superbly fresh and entertaining vampire experience. A unique twist in what was becoming an overworked genre. Well worth seeing.

Movie Review: Daybreakers Reviewed by DAM on 4:50 AM Rating: 5

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