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Movie Review: The Spy Next Door

An ultra-predictable movie but quite entertaining, to the say the least.

At first glance, it seemed like a complete rip-off of Vin Diesel's The Pacifier. And while it did have some similarities, I saw glimpse of originality - which isn't saying too much though. Ha! Either way, unless you're a kid, you've already seen this movie before.

Frankly, the acting of the main stars as well as the supporting cast was rock bottom, with none of the timing that comedians are supposed to be good at. And instead of avoiding stereotypes, this film embraced them in shallow ways - such as the improbable Russian accents.

On top of all the poor acting and, to some extent, writing, I thought that the editing was bad. The gadgets weren't used cleverly and the special effects were unconvincing.

That said, Jackie Chan and his stunts were competent enough to make this movie somehow tolerable. He still appeared to be quite fit and agile enough to pull off most of the stunts. Having said that, it was pretty obvious that he's mile and ages away from the stuff he did in his prime. I won't begrudge him of that niggling detail though.

Truth be told, kids will enjoy this movie because kids will enjoy anything. But overall, it was a harmless fun and an entertaining waste of time. Ha! Nothing more to say.

Movie Review: The Spy Next Door Reviewed by DAM on 4:46 AM Rating: 5

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