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Movie Review: The Bounty Hunter

Plain and simple: This was a romantic comedy film with a hint of action that was not very funny, not that romantic and quite lame. I don't know. It all felt extremely flat and barely managed to elicit giggles, much less laughter. Sad.

Comedy films are supposed to be one of the luckiest genres in Hollywood. Seriously. They can be campy, illogical, totally absurd and crazy, and it won't even matter as long as they make the audience laugh. I mean, these movies can easily get away with almost anything, but alas, not this one!

Really. I love me some Jennifer Aniston and I thought she did a decent job, along with Gerard Butler - given what they had to work with - but this film did absolutely nothing, and I mean, NOTHING, to me. I found the plot to be too random, weak and all over the place. It was almost a pathetic excuse for a romantic comedy.

The writing was underwhelming. The humor was unoriginal. The characters, I thought, were one dimensional and underdeveloped. Oh, and the action was very cliched for that brief time it graced the screen with its presence.

Heck, even the music was so bad that I gave it its own paragraph. Haha. I had no idea the scoring would make such a difference as I normally don't notice it. But, to me, it was agonizingly out of place on most parts and it was almost too distracting that it made the movie look - or sound, for that matter - worse.

Ok. So maybe, that's not to say the movie was THAT bad. Sure, it had a couple of fun moments but it wasn't a particularly good film. You will forget about it as soon as it is over. I did. Haha.

Movie Review: The Bounty Hunter Reviewed by DAM on 12:40 AM Rating: 5

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