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Movie Review: Step Up 3D

Let's all face it! By now, nobody goes to a Step Up film expecting plot and character development. If you do, I will personally slap you in the face! Haha. Well, not really, but you know what I mean.

Obviously, the movie was full of big spectacular dance sequences - believe me, it was incredible. Yes, I somewhat doubted how they were going to top Step Up 2's sick choreography, but from start to finish, the dance scenes in this film blew me away. It was both creative and inspiring that it made me wish I could dance like that - or maybe not. Haha.

The 3D, unlike in other movies, was effectively used and clearly enhanced the film BIGTIME! I mean, the 3D technology somehow created moments where I was in total awe of what was happening on-screen. It was almost mind blowing. And even with all the dance TV shows and other movies, this particular Step Up installment offered some genuinely amazing moments that combined creative set pieces to further heighten the fantastic choreography and routines.

Now, leaving the spectacle aside, the film was mediocre in the acting and writing departments. It suffered from some bad and cheesy dialogues and even a painfully generic plot. I mean, whenever the movie slowed down to tell its story the whole thing just seemed weak. But, as I've mentioned, the story was not the reason I went out to see this. So, I stubbornly didn't mind.

Ultimately, Step Up 3D had a very simple and unimaginative story line but it did what it set out to accomplish - make one remarkable dance movie. Oh, and this I dare say, Step Up 3D is far better than Step Up 2 and just slightly above the original Step Up. Go Figure!

Movie Review: Step Up 3D Reviewed by DAM on 1:11 AM Rating: 5

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