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Movie Review: I Am Number Four

Look, it's pretty dumb to expect a fine cinematic piece with I Am Number Four. I mean, there was virtually nothing original about this film, the pacing was awful, the plot got that tired typical teen drama - this time with aliens - and the script was a bit sketchy. But since my standards were braced for the obvious shortcomings of any movie from this vein, I have to say that I was appropriately pleased.

I think films under this genre will survive with just a cool special effects, attractive people and enough of a story line to hold them together. And yes, this film managed to have just that. On a technical standpoint, it really delivered. I thought the visual effects were carried off brilliantly throughout the film, the soundtrack was eclectic but fairly interesting and the action scenes - especially in the final act - were pretty solid. True, the action was sparse until the end, but it was well worth the wait, I think.

The acting performances were also surprisingly decent, consistent and believable. I actually found most of the characters quite charming. Alex Pettyfer was good, and so was Dianna Agron - although she mumbled A LOT. Together, they were adequate, if not entirely convincing, as the teen sweethearts in this action adventure. But I admit, that it was Teresa Palmer who got me all giddy like an idiot as soon as she started kicking a satisfying amount of rampage. Ha! Such a bad a*s!

Now, the only real weakness that seriously bothered me was the cheesy villains. Frankly, I NEVER really saw them as a serious threat to the main characters. Tell me, if these weird looking tall beings had no powers - aside from their weirdly looking guns - why were they such a threat? They were so deadly, but why then did Number 4 and Number 6 fight back with nearly no fear, and bested their foes? Strange.

Overall, I Am Number Four was pretty typical. It was fairly easy to see what was coming, but I was kept entertained throughout. I can also say that the positive things I mentioned - good visual effects, charming characters and impressive final act - have, for the most part, salvaged the film. I'm happy to say, the movie wasn't horrible. Better than Jumper, I must say.

Movie Review: I Am Number Four Reviewed by DAM on 3:19 AM Rating: 5

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