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Movie Review: One Day

I'm on the fence with this film. I am usually very easy to please when it comes to movies in general and I am such a sucker for sappy love stories but One Day didn't do anything for me. This could've been good - given the premise - but it just didn't work.

To be fair, the movie was shot beautifully with a couple of nice romantic settings. The last few minutes of the movie was also executed quite well and yes, the film had it's fair share of moments if a bit inconsistent.

The acting performances, though not Oscar worthy, were also decent in general. Anne Hathaway was lovely and did well with the material she was given. Somehow, I was even impressed with her English accent. Jim Sturgess had a few good scenes, but his character was incredibly unlikable with zero charm that rooting for him to be with Hathaway's character was almost mean to do. Haha.

But other than those I mentioned, the film was a mess. The storyline seemed a little dry and the plot structure was problematic. Sure, I got the concept and it seemed like a great idea IF executed well, but it wasn't. Instead of continuity and character development, all I got was mostly drab snippets of their lives. There was nothing to make me feel for the characters or even to fully understand their relationship. It was just all flat. I also didn't believe the romance between the two leads. It lacked some emotional connection, which I was crucial for a film under this genre.

Moreover, I found the writing awkward and absolutely choppy. Everything just didn't flow right. It would just jump from one scene to the other without any hints of what happened between the gaps. I was just left dumbfounded most of the time with the continuity of the story. I don't know.

One Day had the potential to be memorable but failed to do so. I admit, it was a decent love story, but it could've been so much better. It's a shame that the movie came to life 15 minutes before the ending. If there's any consolation, at least the film "peaked". Haha.

Movie Review: One Day Reviewed by DAM on 2:32 PM Rating: 5

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