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Movie Review: Horrible Bosses

True, Horrible Bosses wasn't horrible - the way Bad Teacher was bad - and I thought that it had all the right mix of everything from the interesting and perhaps relatable premise to an excellent casting, but somehow, the film felt surprisingly underwhelming.

It's maybe because the film just wasn't funny enough. Sure, it started off quite nicely with a couple of funny moments and a good amount of energy, but the hilarity steadily ran out towards the end. The writing got sloppy, the plot became uneven and it was wrapped up far too neatly and conveniently.

It's such a shame because the premise was incredibly ridiculous that if handled well and consistently, this could potentially deliver some hysterical scenarios. But the film didn't really take advantage of that and ended up being another generic comedy that went through the motions of a sub-par comedy flick.

Good thing, the film had Charlie Day and Jennifer Aniston who, I thought, had standout performances in this film. I'd even go and say that without them, this would've been a hot mess. Charlie Day was often annoyingly loud, but his over-the-top and dramatically hysterical performance was spot on. Jennifer Aniston's role was also quiet refreshing. Who knew she could pull off this role? Her comic timing was excellent and she performed her part wonderfully.

As for the others, I just didn't care for them that much. Jason Bateman and Colin Farrell were decent,  Kevin Spacey was forgettable and I just don't like Jason Sudeikis - he irritates the crap out of me!!

I may have seen worse movies than this, but Horrible Bosses wasn't a highly memorable experience either. A forgettable comedy that I can laugh once or twice and then move on with my life. Haha. Just saying.

Movie Review: Horrible Bosses Reviewed by DAM on 2:41 PM Rating: 5

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