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Movie Review: Abduction

Abduction was SO awful, it's actually a lot funnier than Bad Teacher. Haha. But seriously, aside from Taylor Lautner's enviable abs, what's there to really appreciate with the film?

I admit, this was NOT the worst film I ever saw, but everything about it was such a freakin' mess! For one, I thought the story wasn't compelling enough for me to even care. The writing was sub-par, the romance was dumb and the ending was anti-climatic.

Plus, nothing about the plot made sense that it made me question a couple of things: Were the characters really got to travel from Pittsburgh to Virginia to Nebraska and back in just one day? Who cooked for them in the cafe? There was no one there!! Who put the gun under the seat during the baseball game? Why didn't the CIA think of tapping the bestfriend's phone? Why was this film so dumb?

Shockingly, the technical aspect of the film didn't help as well - and I thought that would redeem Abduction from being pure garbage, but NO! Sure, the action, in general, was fine. However, the editing felt stilted that I never got to appreciate it, the camera work seemed lazy, and the pacing was too uneven.

Oh, and don't get me started with the acting. I never felt like I was watching a natural performance from anyone involved in this film. Everything felt so staged.

And while Lilly Collins was mostly decent, Alfred Molina was fine and Sigourney Weaver did her best with the material she was given, Taylor Lautner's performance pulled this film to hell with that wooden portrayal. What was up with that? He was like reading the lines off the script. He seemed disconnected in some of the more dramatic scenes and lacked charisma for action. Yes, there was something rather watchable about him, but that's not enough!

To be fair, Abduction did look promising in it's first few minutes and then it went downhill really fast. Sad. Now, if only I could figure out why the hell did they even call this movie ABDUCTION in the first place, I'd give them a one point rating higher. But for now..

Movie Review: Abduction Reviewed by DAM on 4:55 PM Rating: 5

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