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Movie Review: New Year's Eve

There's something wrong with the film if I actually enjoyed the bloopers during the end credits more than the actual movie no? Haha. Truth e told, New Year's Eve was exactly like Valentines' Day, but with more A-list stars and, yes, a lot less substance.

Not going to lie, I did enjoy Gary Marshall's first valiant effort of assembling HUGE names in one film, which happened to be Valentine's Day. I mean, it was quite a sight to behold right? But somehow, I felt like there was no point of making another one - unless, of course, if the "sequel" would be a lot better.

Sadly, New Year's Eve was dull, uninspiring and there was absolutely no real emotion on display despite the talents at its disposal. There was no artistic value in the film, the underlying message was almost an afterthought, and it wasn't even THAT entertaining. It wasn't horrible by any standards, but I just felt like I was watching a hodgepodge of inane mini stories.

The biggest problem I had with this film, which wasn't too obvious on Valentine's Day, was that there was just too much going on that I got totally lost with the plot - or was there any? - after the first ten (10) minutes. Heck, I didn't really know who to focus on. Just when I was about to get interested with one subplot, it's segment would just abruptly end - it's annoying!

Good thing, despite the lack of character development, I got to enjoy one storyline - Jessica Biel and Seth Meyer subplot. The film was awfully low on laughs of any variety, but their story somehow made the film relatively funny. I found them charming, endearing and shockingly hysterical, which was ironic because they were actually more of a filler since their story wasn't related to any other subplots. They could seriously edit them out and the movie would be the same - only less funny. Oh, and Sofia Vergara was also quite amusing. As for the others, I could care less.

Overall, New Year's Eve wasn't exactly a trainwreck, but it's definitely not a good film. Haha. Obviously, this was just an excuse to slap us with a couple of famous people in one film and nothing else. Sad.

Movie Review: New Year's Eve Reviewed by DAM on 5:04 PM Rating: 5

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