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Movie Review: The Adventures Of Tintin

I extremely have little knowledge of Tintin making me unaware of what to expect with the movie - I'm pretty sure I've seen the character before, but I simply have no recollection of it for some weird reason. So, if you ask me if they did justice to the story, you're asking the wrong guy. Haha. That said, I actually found The Adventures Of Tintin quite wonderful.

On a technically standpoint alone, this film was very well done. I have high praise for just how fantastic the movie looked. It was visually outstanding with snappy editing, stunning visual effects and sweeping camera work that would be impossible had this been a live action film. It also had this exuberant chase sequence that would probably go down as one of the best overall scenes of any movie this year.

But what made this film a cut above the rest - in terms of visuals at the very least - was it's groundbreaking animation. Seriously.  At times, there was hardly any difference with the real world because of the tremendous attention to detail. Everything seemed so real that it actually bothered me for a moment. Haha. Truly staggering.

The voice work was also pretty good. Jamie Bell sounded light and youthful, while Andy Serkis went the complete opposite, which was actually a nice contrast. Daniel Craig was almost unrecognizable as the taunting antagonist.

As for the story, it was good if a bit of a jumbled mess at times. I would've preferred it if they kept a more narrowed focus on the screenplay. I mean, the pick pocket storyline was superfluous, and the ending was kind of abrupt for my taste - although that sets things up for an obvious sequel. Also, the pacing could've been a lot better as I found the first half incredibly boring. But, of course, these are just nitpicks at best and was delightfully distracted by the things I mentioned above.

Overall, The Adventures Of Tintin was a surprisingly good movie with a decent enough story of adventure, a couple of laughs and visual effects that were immeasurably impressive. If only the plot was as tight as the aesthetics, this would've been epic.

Movie Review: The Adventures Of Tintin Reviewed by DAM on 5:03 PM Rating: 5

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