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Movie Review: Won't Last A Day Without You

Predictable? Absolutely. Cheesy? Sure. Worth spending your money? Well, if you saw the crappy Praybeyt Benjamin a month ago, then Won't Last A Day Without You is actually a very good deal for you. Haha. I'm serious.

I was expecting a nominal quality of a romantic comedy going in, but I was shocked at how much I enjoyed the movie. I found most Filipino romantic comedies - with a few exceptions, of course - quite stale and monotonous, but this had that endearing quality that's kind of rare. I couldn't have been more delighted, to be honest.

Sure, the story was painfully predictable as I already figured out how things would end up, but there was something about this film that made the awfully tired premise surprisingly fresh. Maybe it's the chemistry of the two leads? I mean, I got completely wrapped up in the characters that I ended up liking the story no matter how cliched it was. Plus, the film actually managed to put all the schmaltz, melodrama and cheese in a completely engrossing manner that it didn't make me puke.

I also found the script highly relatable. No, it's not brilliant by any means, but the fact it got me choked up a couple of times was a testament of how realistic the writing was. Then, add to that the effective performances of the lead actors.

Sarah Geronimo was her usual delightful self in this film, but her delivery of the more serious scenes were fantastic - yes, I'm using that word. Haha. There were a couple of scenes in particular that were so believable, I felt like I wanted to cry with her. I really thought she had a great range of endearing expressions perfect for the film. I've seen her other works and she was distinctively radiant here with the right balance of warmth, charm and spontaneity.

Gerald Anderson was also quite impressive. I saw his previous film with Sarah, and I somehow felt like he was more comfortable and far more effective here compared to their first outing. Together, their chemistry was palpable and that really made the film work. Of course, the rest of the cast did an admirable job as well, especially Joey De Leon.

Won't Last A Day Without You had its own mishaps but it's generally forgivable. And while the inherent cheesiness and predictability cannot be avoided, I genuinely enjoyed the film. It was a sweet, wonderful and enjoyable romantic flick.

Movie Review: Won't Last A Day Without You Reviewed by DAM on 5:02 PM Rating: 5

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