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American Idol 15: Auditions Part 5

For a one-hour show, there were shockingly a lot of strong singers tonight. I admit, I wasn't expecting much given how last week's Wednesday show sucked hard, but this gave me hope again. I saw a couple of strong contenders tonight and I felt like we're off to a good start.

That said, I'm pretty sure that I'll be a mess tomorrow as soon as the auditions are over. I mean, that's the last audition episode EVER! I know. I know. We're three (3) weeks in and I'm still in denial. Ugh. But I digress.

On with the show!

Poh Scott
As soon as I learned that Poh is Shi's sister, I braced myself for some polarizing audition. But you know what, this was actually a lot more focused and consistent vocal performance than Shi's actual audition from last year. The tone sounded almost too similar, but she had more control over her instrument. I kind of liked her. I hope she doesn't flame out like her sister. 7.5

Amelia Eisenhauer
Many Rivers To Cross
I didn't know what to expect from her - given the fiddler in her hand - but she surprisingly sounded good. Her soulful sound was unexpected, and while she did hit a couple of iffy notes here and there, but that's something - hopefully- she could fix. 7.5

Joy Dove
This audition flew by so fast with all the craziness prior to the actual singing that I didn't get the chance to actually give a solid opinion about her voice. Eh. 5.5

MacKenzie Bourg
Judges' Song Medley
I followed him when he auditioned in Season 3 of The Voice and I wasn't particularly enthralled by him as his vocals and presentation felt a bit forced and put on, but he actually won me over with this incredibly charming audition. The softness in his vocals was refreshing, his tone was gorgeous, and the musicality seemed deep-rooted. I would've liked a bit of support on his vocals in parts, but that's me nitpicking. 8

Jenna Renae
She Don't Love You
Just like MacKenzie, Jenna already joined America's Got Talent a couple of years ago and I thought that she greatly improved now compared to how she was then. Other than the fact that she sounded solid, her emotional connection to the material was quite outstanding. This may be one of the most connected auditions this year. 8.5

Adam Lasher
Knockin' On Heaven's Door
I enjoyed his audition last year - and I was a bit bummed that he didn't make the cut - but I genuinely found his audition now a tad bizarre. Look, he looked better now with a nice suit and good haircut, but the arrangement of the song somehow threw me off. I didn't get it. 6.5

Emily Brooke
Quite frankly, I was rooting for her to make, at the very least, the Top 24 as I though she was better than Maddie Walker in terms of vocal ability. In hindsight thought, I thought that one year gave her an ample time to better her instincts and musicality and it was evident in her audition. Her vocals and pitch were spot on, there's a quite presence in her delivery, and she just looked ready. I'm keeping an eye on her. 8.5
American Idol 15: Auditions Part 5 Reviewed by DAM on 3:12 AM Rating: 5

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