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American Idol 15: Auditions Part 6


A couple of weeks ago, I whined that I still wasn't ready and now, we're done with the audition round?! It flew by so fast that I had no time to process it all. But yes, Season 15 is turning out to be a good one. I'm praying that the producers will not mess it up this time as we have some pretty talented crop for the farewell season.

Again, it's been a blast covering the auditions since Season 8 in this blog and I got a bit emotional watching the final minutes of this episode - those editors were harsh! Haha. I bet I'd have some more moments like this in the next coming rounds. Sigh.

On with the show!

Jessica Cabral
Brand New Me
Hands down, one of my favorite auditions this final season. It was effortless, her tone sounded lush and rich, her vocal control was fantastic, and there's an emotive quality to her voice that's just damn beautiful. If it's just me, I'd send her directly to the final round of Hollywood Week. 9

Brian Dale Brown
Unchained Melody
Can't. Take. Him. Seriously. 2

Melany Huber
Talking To The Moon
Sure, her voice sounded a bit generic with no distinct quality to it, but the clarity to her tone with a mix of unexpected grit and texture was good enough to send her to the next round. Will she be the next American Idol? I'm not so sure. 7

Chynna Sherrod
One Last Time
I admit, I didn't like the arrangement at first as I felt that it was too sluggish for my liking, but she won me over eventually. Her effortless vibe and vocals were interesting and I thought she meant every word of that song. 7

Lillian Glanton
Country Boyfriend
If only her voice was as good as her song.. 6

Kacye Haynes
You know what, he reminded me so much of Nick Fradiani. He has a very competent radio ready voice with good enough range and texture. I need to hear more though, but I like what I heard. 7.5

Zach Person
Next Door Neighbor
It was soulful and bluesy, but he came off a bit bland. Was it just me? 7

Collette Rush
Who's Lovin' You
I really didn't expect much from Collette, but this was a strong audition. Her grasp on her pitch was pretty impressive, how she held back towards the end was brilliant, and the control was great. Really good. 8.5

Avalon Young
Very refreshing. We've heard A LOT of talented soulful singers throughout the audition process this season, and the lightness to Avalon's vocals was a pleasant break from all the belting and whatnot. She just sounded outstandingly pleasant. 8.5

Usen Isong
Not The Only One
Eh. Usen can sing and he has one soulful instrument, but his shtick distracted me too much that I can't take him seriously. Sorry. 6

Jackie Butler
It Will Rain
Eh. Not a fan. 5

Stephany Negrete
Who's Lovin' You
Overwrought. She's a pretty gorgeous lady who can carry a note or two, but how she delivered that song was too overdone that it didn't excite me one bit. I wasn't even impressed with the ton of runs she infused in her version. Like Simon said before, this was a self-indulgent performance. Blech. 6

Manny Torres
This Love
Solid. The arrangement was good, the liberties he took with the melody were executed well, and the raspy tone was quite appealing. I'd caution him to be a little less obnoxious, but I digress. I could see him doing very good with that kind of voice. 8.5

And with that, it's a wrap for the American Idol Auditions and that last final minutes of this episode got me good. :( 
American Idol 15: Auditions Part 6 Reviewed by DAM on 3:11 AM Rating: 5

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