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The Voice UK 5: Top 12

This show is such a trainwreck! Haha. I don't know. I've been casually following The Voice UK for a couple of years now and started blogging live shows since last year, but the potential for hot mess performances is high this year. It's both entertaining and embarrassing.

Also, two finalists backed out right before the live shows? Haha. Things keep getting better and better!

On with the show!

10. Lauren Lapsley-Browne
What was this? 2

09. Lyrickal
Just Like A Child
Yikes. I genuinely don't understand how he managed to go this far. 3

08. Jordan Gray
Shake It Out
How I wish I enjoyed this performance as much as she did. Haha. She looked like she was having a blast! 4

07. Lydia Lucy
Somebody Else's Guy
She clearly has one of the most recognizable voices this season, but her thin tone - especially on her upper register - sounded excruciatingly jarring. To me, song choice is key for Lydia and this was just not it. 4.5

06. Cody Frost
Ordinary World
I've seen what Cody's been capable of doing and this was far from it. Was it the song choice? I'm not sure, but she did look incredibly uncomfortable. The only saving grace? Her slightly better vocals compared to the others. 5

05. Heather Cameron-Hayes
The rousing arrangement was fantastic and her vocals soared with it, but the band occasionally swallowed her voice and her pitch was uneven. If she only managed to stay on pitch towards the end, this would've been a complete homerun for Heather. 6

04. Harry Fisher
Space Oddity
Vocally, Harry probably hit more notes than some of his contemporaries, but the oddness of it all pulled me out of the performance in parts. It's interesting at the very least. 6

03. Kevin Simm
I'm Kissing You
Good, but I've heard better from him. 7

02. Vangelis
Here Comes The Rain Again
I didn't expect this. While not perfect, Vangelis sounded really good on this song and he embraced the character like nobody's business. Very nice. 7

01. Jolan
Other than the annoyingly distracting production, this was one of the few performances that worth watching. Seriously. Jolan has been the most consistent vocalist this season and this proved why. His grasp on his pitch is impeccable, he looked comfortable on stage, and the song choice actually gave him enough room to gorgeously wail. 8.5

Harry Fisher
Lauren Lapsley-Browne
The Voice UK 5: Top 12 Reviewed by DAM on 3:33 AM Rating: 5

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