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Movie Review: Ghostbusters

I went in skeptical, and came out pleasantly thrilled. Nothing will ever replace the original for me, but I wouldn't let that stop myself from enjoying the reboot of Ghostbusters for what it was, and yes, it was insanely entertaining. The ladies were great - Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones were particularly sensational - the chemistry between actresses worked wonderfully, and the humor though almost slapstick at times was stupidly funny. The visual effects were great and just cartoonish enough to walk the line between fun and convincing, and some of the action sequences were riveting. That smoke scene at the end were, arguably, one of the most delightfully well-time sequences I've seen this year. This version of Ghostbusters was thematically and tonally different from the original, but it made for a fresh take on the series. No, it wasn't perfect as I felt the writing could've been a lot more tighter, but just the sheer joy I had watching it made up for it.

Movie Review: Ghostbusters Reviewed by DAM on 10:11 PM Rating: 5

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