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The Voice Australia 5: Finale

It's the Finale Week and while things didn't go exactly how I predicted - the winner, to me, was a pleasant surprise - the whole show was surprisingly good. I love the musical guests, the duets were great, and while the original songs were a bit underwhelming, it was the least of my concerns.

On with the show!


04. Ellen Reed
Vocally, this was, yet again, another solid number from Ellen, but just like her previous performances, it lacked a certain degree of connection to the material. I was hoping she'd be able to dig deeper with the song given it's emotional depth, but I was a tad underwhelmed. 6

03. Tash Lockhart
People Get Ready
On paper, Tash could've easily won this round just with her pure vocal ability, but her performance went nowhere. Sure, she sounded good with a couple of nice little moments, but it had little to no bombast to last a lasting impression. To me, if she delivered Clarity or Run this week, she'd be a shoo-in for the Finale. 7

02. Adam Ladell
Just like any of his performances, Adam's Superheroes was competent to say the least. What worked for him? The fact that both Ellen and Tash had some mediocre to good performances that somehow pushed him into the upper tier on the merits of his consistent but bland numbers. At this point, I'm still not convinced of him as a viable artist. 7

01. Alfie Arcuri
Not to take anything away from Alfie, but I genuinely thought he won this round by default. I mean, this was, by far, the strongest performance during the solos with his precise runs, fantastic tone, and outstanding production. This was, arguably, one of his best performances on the show. 8.5


02. Adam Ladell
My Heart Stops With You
This was decent. It had a nice rhythm and I thought it suited the quality of his tone, but the words were as cheesy as Velveeta. I didn't hate it, but I didn't care for it either. 5

01. Alfie Arcuri
The verses were a tad too wordy and it was pitched a little too low, but as soon as he hit the chorus, his vocals just soared and things got a lot better. Again, it was not his best, but better than Adam. 7

Alfie Arcuri

The Voice Australia 5: Finale Reviewed by DAM on 3:28 AM Rating: 5

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