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Movie Review: Train To Busan

Who knew? I seriously came into the cinema not knowing what to expect, but Train To Busan delivered on all fronts. In many ways, this film shared in common the pandemic tales of I Am Legend, Contagion, or even World War Z, but somehow, this came off more as a thriller than an actual horror. I found it refreshing that the film didn't rely heavily on gross out murders and graphic blood spattered effects, but still maintaining a terrific balance of suspense, terror, and drama. The screenplay moved on fast without losing the tension, the direction and narrative worked seamlessly together, the main characters had a vast amount of charisma, and visually, the film was superb - the cinematography, editing, and graphics were quite stellar. Train To Busan wasn't, by any means, perfect, but it was none the less a thrilling must see for any zombie and Korean story fan. It's zombie with a heart. Heh. 9
Movie Review: Train To Busan Reviewed by DAM on 10:01 PM Rating: 5

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