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The Voice US 11: Top 11

Sigh. I don't know what to say anymore other than I'm getting bored with this season. Yes, there are a couple of good vocalists, but like I've said before there's too much of the same thing in this edition that I'm almost exhausted. Where Michael Sanchez when you need one? Oh, and at this point, I think the win is between Billy, Sundance and Wé. On with the show!

11. Darby Walker
You Don't Own Me
What the f*ck was this? Her vocals were shot, her vibrato was out of control, and the shouting felt like torture. What did we ever do to deserve that? 2

10. Josh Gallagher Drunk On Your Love [TEAM ADAM] One of those "so what?" performance. No, it wasn't terrible - other than those shaky prolonged noted towards the end - but I just didn't care for any of it. 4.5

09. Courtney Harrel
What I Did For Love
This was definitely better than the mess that was I Don't Want To Miss A Thing, but there's something about her the shrillness of her voice -especially when she's pushing towards the end of her range - that annoys me to death. I don't know. She may have hit most of her notes, but eh. 5

08. Christian Cuevas
I honestly don't have anything to say to this. It was competently sung, but everything was cheesy and boring. 6

07. Ali Caldwell
9 to 5
Why Miley Why? Ali was one of the most consistent finalists this season until she was saddled with a Dolly Parton song. Yes, she did the best she could with the song driving the performance with some interesting vocal choices and her energy was quite impressive, but still, the song was blah. Can she survive after this misstep from her coach? 6

06. Sundance Head
No One
I liked that he's been very consistent in picking songs that are unpredictable for a country singer and they've been mostly successful. This, however, was a bit lackluster. His vocals were fine, but arrangement stripped off the soul and urgency of the original, which made it sound a little tentative. 6.5

05. Aaron Gibson
A better grasp on pitch would've made this a stunning performance given the brilliant dynamics of the arrangement, but the intensity that backed his raspy tone was quite riveting. It made me listen. 6.5

04. Austin Allsup
Turn The Page
Solid, but nothing particularly interesting. This has been my issue with this season - it felt like it had too much of the same thing. No diversity AT ALL. Austin, Josh, and Sundance are basically the same type of singers and it's starting to blend together. So yes, this is solid, but astonishingly generic. 7

03. Brendan Fletcher
The River
Diction issues notwithstanding, this was another strong performance from Brendan. The gravelly texture of his voice was a perfect match for the song and there's an ease to him now that I've never seen from him before. He should work on his enunciation though as I barely understood a word in the verses. 7

02. Billy Gilman
All I Ask
Hands down one of the most technically impressive vocal performances of the night, but somehow, his performances are becoming one note and I'm not quite sure I'm buying what he's selling. It's like his performances have been always a tad void of real emotions. He's acting more than feeling if that makes sense. 8

01. Wé McDonald
Love In The Brain
Billy please take note of how Wé completely inhabit the words of the song. Now, her vocals weren't perfect and the squeaks and woah sounded a tad unnatural, but I didn't mind. Her impassioned delivery and fantastic vocals sold the song. 9

Darby Walker

Josh Gallagher
The Voice US 11: Top 11 Reviewed by DAM on 6:00 PM Rating: 5

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