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X Factor UK 13: Top 5

Was the ratings so bad this year that the judges decided to keep Honey G last week? I figured that as soon as she hit the Bottom 2, it was just the right decision to cut her off the competition, but NO. I don't know anymore. This season has been a total disaster that I am now genuinely rooting for Honey G to win just to give Simon Cowell a good amount of headache. On with the show!

10. Honey G
Can't Touch This / Super Freak
The schtick ended since Bootcamp and I don't understand why she lasted this long. N/A

09. Honey G
Push It / Black Beatles
Refrigerator! (From now on, I will probably just put a random word that I will never use on this blog. Perfect time to do that!) N/A

08. 5 After Midnight
Sorry / One Dance
On paper, this would've been a showstopper, but something about the messy arrangement and the annoyingly heavy backtrack that had me a little miffed about the performance. I'm hoping for them to do something a little more restrained and nuanced just to see if they can actually sing and do harmonies. 5

07. Matt Terry
Tough song to sing! No, I didn't think Matt really struggled with Alive, but some of his vocal choices were strange. I thought the arrangement was about to peak and then he suddenly went to his falsetto and the build up was gone. I don't know. It just all sounded watered down. 6

06. Emily Middlemas
This was a nice little change of pace for Emily as the song had the Sam Lavery treatment going on. I'm not sure I'm buying the whole persona, but it was a good enough effort and she looked like she was having fun. 6.5

05. Saara Aalto
Diamonds Are Forever / Diamonds Are A Girl's Bestfriend
Crazy production as usual. The vocals were particularly solid, but I don't think this was a good showcase for her to prove that she's a mainstream artist. Broadway? Of course, and there's nothing wrong about it. But a potential pop star? Nope. 7

04. Matt Terry
Secret Love Song
Like Alive, Secret Love Song was a tough cookie, but I thought Matt had a better flow on things with this one. The verses were a bit uneven, but when he reached the chorus, his vocals soared. I was still a little underwhelmed with this performance - I knew he could do better - but I digress. 7.5

03. 5 After Midnight
Uptown Funk
Again, I wish I could hear their harmonies - it all sounded like they were singing in unison and the heavy backtrack did most of their vocal works - but I was entertained by this performance. The arrangement worked well for them, the breakdown was good, and the solos were solid. 7.5

02. Emily Middlemas
There was nothing groundbreaking with Emily's version of the song - I heard better - but in the context of tonight's performances, this was pretty strong and one of Emily's most confident performances on the show. Her vocals were on point, there's intensity in her delivery, and some attitude. 7.5

01. Saara Aalto
The Winner Takes It All
This was an interesting contrast to her other performance. The vocals were, as usual, impressive, but the sparse production and instrumentation made this particularly compelling. The decision to have it almost stripped down was just brilliant. 8.5

Honey G

Honey G
X Factor UK 13: Top 5 Reviewed by DAM on 6:03 PM Rating: 5

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