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The Voice Australia 6: Top 11

It's the second week of the live shows and some of them really stepped up their game - including Boy George! Haha. I thought most of the song choices were good and the performances varied from glorified karaoke to something outstanding. Oh, and at this point, and just like every season of The Voice Australia, I still don't know who will win this season - which is always a good thing!

11. Tim Conlon
Hold Back The River
This was a lot better than his previous performances, but Tim is obviously trailing behind everybody in terms of vocal talent. He has a great deal of musicality, he's working hard with his craft, and there's passion in his eyes, but there's nothing special that will catapult him in this competition other than the fact that he's drop dead gorgeous. 5.5

10. Spencer Jones
Chain of Fools
Kelly Rowland and her song choices. Ha. Look, Spencer did sound good and the way he infused his rock sensibilities to this song was good, but the performance was nothing more than a capable karaoke version of the song. It didn't excite me, mostly because I've heard so many versions of this already, there was nothing new with this rendition, and at the end, it almost sounded like random noises instead of actual singing. Maybe it was just me. 6.5

09. Bojesse Pigram
Good, but forgettable. Bojesse has an interesting tone and good sense of rhythm - based on his stellar blind audition - but since the Lives started, there was none of that. The song choice was too low key for him to stand out and his delivery seemed lazy. He needed something with more urgency or just go full-on understated acosutic. 6.5

08. Claire Howell
Vocal power was there and she was able to hit all the right notes, but the delivery was a little harsh and something about it felt a bit desperate. I could tell that she's genuinely scared to be on that stage, which was shocking to me, and that it almost came off as if she's really unsure of herself. It's a shame because the vocal talent is there and with proper coaching, she could really blow the rest of her competition. 7

07. Lucy Sugerman
Candle in the Wind
The first half was gorgeous - the way she took her time with the melody was impressive and her phrasing was exquisite. Then, her annoying vocal technique came in and everything just went south. I mean, she has a gorgeous voice and when she shifted to her head tone it didn't sound right to my ears. I don't know. I'm very frustrated with this. Haha. 7

06. Berni Harrison
Only Love Can Hurt Like This
Just like last week, I'm still looking for that tone that made me fall in love with her during the blind auditions. I initially thought that this Paloma Faith track will bring that back, but it didn't. Still, this performance was a solid one. The verses were a little bland, but once the chorus kicked in, the performance came alive. 7.5

05. Rennie Adams
Way Down We Go
I didn't know the song, but he sold it to me. Unlike Spencer, who looked like a vocalist of a cover band, Rennie came off as a modern rockstar debuting his new song. There was enough intensity, he looked incredibly comfortable, and there was nothing contrived about the way he worked the song and the stage. I've never noticed him prior to the live shows, but he's been consistently very good. 8

04. Fasika Ayallew
Last week was a missed opportunity for Kelly to package Fasika as a potential popstar with the abysmal song choice of Run Hearts, Young Free. This week? Totally different story! The song choice was genius as Fasika managed to navigate the tricky melody of the song with full vocal control. She still seemed a bit reserved, but for the most part, this was a fierce performance. 8.5

03. Judah Kelly
This was another strong showing from Judah. The song choice allowed him to stretch his vocals to great effect, the dynamic was good, he looked connected to the song, and his voice sounded on top form. He did hit a couple of wobbly notes, but I digress. 8.5

02. Sarah Stone
Not going to lie, I've heard and watched better versions of the song, but I can't deny the fact that she delivery Gravity with finesse and raw emotions. It's not as delicate as I would've liked this song to be handled, but her connection to the song pulled me right back in. It was indeed a special moment for Sarah. Well done. 8.5

01. Hoseah Partsch
Everybody's Free (To Feel Good)
The absolute perfect song choice for Hoseah's lush vocal tone backed by the utter rawness and vulnerability of his delivery. This was just beautiful and masterfully soothing. I thought his vocals were spot on, the runs were precise, and the performance just soared. Wow. 9

Bojesse Pigram
The Voice Australia 6: Top 11 Reviewed by DAM on 6:22 PM Rating: 5

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