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The Voice Australia 6: Top 12

Can I just say how impressed I've been with Australia every single year with the talent pool in this country? I mean, both The Voice and X Factor from this country have discovered some of the best talents in the world - just look at the ORSS (Olympics of Reality Singing Shows) from two previous years - and this year's no different.

I'm looking forward to what this season will bring but since the Blind Auditions down to last week's Battle Rounds, I've been mostly amazed. This week was a little strange though - maybe it were the song choices - but I'm pretty sure things will pick up next week!

12. Robin Johnson
One trick pony, anyone? Boy George seriously made a mistake of saving him over Russel Francis during the Battles because while Robin had the stage presence, he's not very versatile and this performance proved that. He delivered some solid upbeat performances in the past, but when tasked to do something more nuanced, he failed miserably. His pitch was all over the place and he looked terribly awkward. 3

11. Tim Conlon
Sign of the Times
Thank God he's good looking because that version of Sign of the Times was mostly mediocre. I thought the last part where he pushed his vocals to a higher range was executed surprisingly well, but the verses were wonky and his falsetto was incredibly weak. A different song choice that would highlight the cool tone of his voice would've made a difference. 4.5

10. Bojesse Pigram
There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back
On paper, this should've worked - Bojesse and Shawn Mendes was the perfect combo - but somehow, the performance came off a little strange. The verses were placed on a lower key, which sounded like he was struggling and when the tempo picked up, Bojesse sounded like he was unable to keep up. I don't know. 5

09. Fasika Ayallew
Young Hearts, Run Free
Zzz. What was up with this song, Kelly? Fasika deserved a much better song choice than this dud. Don't get me wrong, the song is a Motown classic, but there's not much you can do with it unless you flip it to something unrecognizable. It's a shame because she actually sounded good, but everything else from the song choice to the arrangement and down to the stage production came off a tad lazy. 5.5

08. Lucy Sugerman
Wrecking Ball
Not sure what to make of Lucy. Yes, she's talented and her Blind Audition was pretty spectacular, but there's something about her technique - or maybe her vocal choices - that bugs me. Here in particular, she relied way too heavy on her head tone that it sounded annoyingly flat and lifeless. The song needed some grit and punch and unfortunately, there was none of that here. 5.5

07. Berni Harrison
Where did that interesting tone go? I'm not so sure if it was the song choice, the arrangement, or just really her, but I was missing the almost quirky quality of her tone that made her different from the others. Here, she sounded good, but hardly remarkable - almost forgettable, to be honest. Sad. 6

06. Sarah Stone
Water Under the Bridge
This, to me, was a capable version of Adele's Water Under the Bridge. Was it the best? No, but how she sounded throughout the song was commendable. Her pitch was consistent, she looked comfortable on that platform stage, and while no different from the original, it also didn't sound karaoke for some reason. 7

05. Hoseah Partsch
Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word
While I hated the song choice - it's one of the most overdone songs on reality singing show ever - Hoseah actually made it sound relatively fresh. I thought the little tweaks in the melody and some of his runs made all the difference. I thought his vocals were good, and he didn't have the piano for the first time and that's always a good thing. 7.5

04. Spencer Jones
We Are The Champions
Spencer's take on this iconic song was strong and powerful, but other than that, there's nothing else to write home about. He has a totally recognizable voice, he has his musical identity figured out, and his range is amazing, but somehow, I can't get into Spencer as an artist. He just doesn't connect to me as much as the other contestants. 7.5

03. Rennie Adams
Let It Go
No one can touch Louisa Johnson's version of this song in my eyes, but Rennie actually delivered an honest and nuanced version of the song. He didn't try to impress with pulling some overbearing high notes, but went on a rather surprisingly understated arrangement. I thought his raspy tone was perfect for the song choice and how he delicately delivered it was impressive. 8

02. Claire Howell
Into You
With a less capable vocalist, this would've been a total trainwreck, but Claire pulled it off with enough gusto and vocal power. Look, I'm not particularly happy that she's back considering how she already got to the Battle rounds last year with Jessie J -  can you do that on The Voice US? - but she's a talented young woman and she proved it here. How her vocals soared on the song was really good and she actually looked like a legitimate popstar. 8

01. Judah Kelly
Purple Rain
.. on the other hand, Judah Kelly will never fit the mold of a typical popstar, but that voice was just stunning. I've heard a lot of Purple Rain versions, and this one didn't pale in comparison. The acoustic arrangement at the beginning gorgeously highlighted his fantastic voice, and when the band kicked it, his voice was just stellar. 8.5

Robin Johnson
The Voice Australia 6: Top 12 Reviewed by DAM on 8:11 PM Rating: 5

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