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TV to Radio: New Music from David Archuleta, 5 After Midnight, Scotty McCreery, and more

DAM NATION has been a committed reality show aficionado throughout the years that it will be a crime if we don't celebrate these reality show alumni post-show success. In our own way of helping to promote these talented artists, DAM NATION is dedicating a biweekly blog post of new releases from your favorite reality show contestants. American Idol, X Factor, The Voice, and Got Talent alumni have a special place for us and hopefully you support, rediscover and love these new tunes.

Here is the first set of new releases. Enjoy!

Scotty McCreery, Five More Minutes
[American Idol Season 10 - Winner]

Five More Minutes is an honest, personal country ballad from American Idol winner Scotty. It is an emotional and poignant country single that is not screaming with any of the usual country music lyrics - booze and girls. The deep voice which is a trademark of Scotty is evident, but more controlled and even the twang isn't off putting. The single is decent. Probably it needed more punch to make it memorable or a crescendo to take it to another level, but other than that, Five More Minutes is one of Scotty's better single to date.

Download the song below:

Caroline Pennell, Lovesick (Jordan XL Remix)
[The Voice US Season 5 - Top 8]

Caroline Pennell released her first single in a long time - Lovesick. There are multiple versions of the song released. The original solo version, the acoustic, a Felix Snow remix version and the Jordan XL remix version. Out of the 4, the acoustic version sounds the best while the Jordan XL version is the most radio ready and accessible. Lovesick celebrates the gorgeous tone of Caroline. The ethereal quality that lures her audience is evident. Her phrasing is lovely and the vocal dynamics of the song is sublime. The acoustic version covers all of these characteristics. The Jordan XL Remix manages to project Lovesick as a potential radio hit. Lovesick could be The Voice's best bet for a hit. It is not something out of the box but it is not too generic for comfort. It doesn't have any big production but Caroline's vocals were undeniably front and center.

Download the song below:
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5 After Midnight, Up In Here
[X Factor UK Season 13 - Top 3]

5 After Midnight is lucky enough that Simon Cowell is taking a risk for them. For their first single, last year's X Factor UK third place finisher has sampled DMX in a production driven single called Up In Here. The single is technically flawless with the vocals sounding a bit too on point. But that is not what you can really take away from the itself. It is infectious and catchy. The beat is bouncy and funky enough albeit parts that reaches an overwhelming production. 5 After Midnight looks like in a quest to be Simon's next group flag bearer after the success of One Direction, Fifth Harmony and Little Mix and they got into a good start.

Download the song below:
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Tim Halperin, Light Up
[American Idol Season 10 - Top 24]

Light Up is a total contrast from Tim's previous single which is With You. It is bouncy in a folk driven tune, but the single pops back in a generic tempo. The vocals from Tim are commendable and  the single is upbeat enough that it is nowhere boring. Light Up succeeds when it is not trying too hard to belong to the Lumineers or Fun. kind of music. It is at its best a radio friendly, perfect for a drive music tune but nothing really spectacular or groundbreaking to note about.

Download the song below:

David Archuleta, Up All Night
[American Idol Season 7 - Runner-up]

During his Idol run, David shined when he belted ballads and struggled with uptempo. Post Idol, he managed to score hits on pop and successfully place himself as one of the shows' bets for stardom in the long run. David then went on hiatus. Years passed and he returned to the music scene, but with a lukewarm reception. Up All Night is a decent uptempo pop tune. The track features an almost tropical synth and a monotonous beat. David's vocals are still commendable with his falsetto that sounds airy, which provides layer to the song. There is nothing really revolutionary on this single other than David giving us some of his moves in the video.

Download the song below:
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Jena Irene Asciutto, So I Get High
[American Idol Season 13 - Runner-up]

In the current pop world, Alessia Cara and Lorde are both enjoying the spotlight and with the same tone quality, Jena Irene will find it hard to actually separate herself from that group. Jena is doing the singer songwriter route and she has established herself as a really good writer aside from her mad vocals. So I Get High brought the American Idol Season 13 runner-up to her roots. There's a commendable writing quality to the song that enjoys a piano themed background with added bass and drum beats here and there. Her voice is front and center. The track isn't suffocating or dark. It is a decent output.

Download the song below:

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