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The Voice Australia 6: Finale

Coming into the Finale, I knew that it will be between Hoseah and Judah and nothing else. It had to be just either one of them. Then, Fasika came in and stirred the whole competition delivering a strong solo performance and an exhilarating duet with her coach, Kelly Rowland. It was a bit of an anticlimactic though. I don't know.

Who won The Voice Australia Season 6?

04. Lucy Sugerman
You Belong With Me
This was unfortunate. Up until her final solo performance, Lucy still sounded strange with her vocal choices and technique that I genuinely couldn't finish the performance. Did Seal not pick up on this and correct the issue? She would've been a total threat if they worked on that. 4

03. Hoseah Partsch
All of Me
Look, there's nothing wrong with Hoseah's version of the song. In fact, he managed to precisely hit more notes than Judah on his last solo performance. However, it just seemed too predictable and safe, and that somehow made this performance boring. He didn't even take the risk to deviate the melody from the original. 7

02. Judah Kelly
Climb Ev'ry Mountain
Judah, on the other hand, was almost the complete opposite of Hoseah. The song choice, to begin with, was something unexpected. Yes, it was a little old, but he made it work to his advantage re-arranging the song to have a nice build up. The vocals towards the end was a little spotty though especially when he tried to further stretch his voice higher. It was risky and while it wasn't executed well, at least he tried. 7

01. Fasika Ayallew
When Love Takes Over
To me, Fasika was the true revelation this season. She impressed me week after week and her last solo performance was actually great. Was it her best performance? Maybe not, but she wasn't boring, she didn't play safe going upbeat, and her vocals were mostly on point. She had the right mix of everything that both Judah and Hoseah were unable to muster during this round. 7.5

Judah Kelly
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