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TV to Radio: New Music from James Arthur, Alfie Arcuri, Kris Allen, and more

DAM NATION has been a committed reality show aficionado throughout the years that it will be a crime if we don't celebrate these reality show alumni post-show success. In our own way of helping to promote these talented artists, DAM NATION is dedicating a biweekly blog post of new releases from your favorite reality show contestants. American Idol, X Factor, The Voice, and Got Talent alumni have a special place for us and hopefully you support, rediscover and love these new tunes.

Here is the third set of new releases. Enjoy!

Andrew Loadsman, Without You Here
[The Voice Australia 5 - Top 6]

If Without You Here would be a representation of what is coming up from An`drew Loadsman discography, then this could be an interesting album. The singer-songwriter's vocals is front and center in this tune. Without You Here had potential albeit lacking some dynamics in the first part. The second part is arguably better than the first half. The production in that build up verse plus Andrew's vocals and when  it transitions to a pre-chorus is quite gorgeous. What is missing with the tune is a catchy hook, and how it stayed plateaued until the end.

Download the song below:

Jessica Mauboy, Fallin'
[Australian Idol 4 - Runner - Up]

Fallin' reminds me of a less gritty tune of Ariana Grande's Dangerous Woman. No there is no resemblance at all but the single showed an understated vocal performance from Jessica. The production, guitar riffs and snap is simple but undeniably solid. It has a memorable pre-chorus and repetitive yet radio friendly chorus. Fallin', arguably is Jessica's best single to date.

Download the song below:

David Thulin & Euphoric Nation (ft. Spencer Lloyd), Destiny
[Spencer Lloyd: American Idol 13 - Top 20]

If you enjoy House/Trance music, David Thulin & Euphoric Nation provided a solid showing with an assistance of vocals from ex American Idol contestant, Spencer Lloyd. Spencer actually sounded pretty good here. his vocals isn't lost on the this euphoric production that is commendable. Destiny could be a staple party, summer tune.

Download the song below:

Alfie Arcuri, If They Only Knew
[The Voice Australia 5 - Winner]

Finally? Kidding aside, If They Only Knew played well on Alfie's core strength. His silky, velvety voice in this ballad tune is front and center. The single is simple. It doesn't involve any big production not until the final section of the song. The build up is a bit dragging towards the big bridge. The take away though is that the single is a bit forgettable - if not lazy. If They Only Knew is a gorgeous ballad albeit boring.

Download the song below:

The Dames, Don't Mess Around On Me
[Kris Allen: American Idol 8 - Winner]

The Kris Allen fronted band released a new single last Friday and it draws a mixed feeling. The single seems to be leaning on a country flare at some parts not until portions show some crescendo in production. There is an uncertainty on the track. Aside from Kris Allen carrying the lead vocals and some impressive bass play and percussion beats, Don't Mess Around On Me loses you in its intention. It just felt unsure on where it is heading.

Download the song below:

Rudimental (ft. James Arthur), Sun Comes Up
[James Arthur: X Factor UK 9 - Winner]

There is innately charismatic with this collaboration from James Arthur and Rudimental. Somehow, the single was able to find a perfect mixture of James' warm voice and Rudimental's production play. Surely, the single isn't anything groundbreaking. Sun Comes Up is a decent tune and a good showcase of variety from James especially after his big, acoustic romantic ballad hit.

Download the song below:
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