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The Voice Teens Philippines: Second Live Show [Team Sarah & Team Bamboo]

It was time for both Team Sarah and Team Bamboo to perform and just like yesterday, the performances ranged from disappointing to something quite impressive. I can sense some great deal of potential in some of them, but sadly, having just three weeks of live shows will not be enough to really groom them to be fantastic artists right after the show.

I do hope though that these teens will make the most out of this experience and build from that a career in the music industry - or somewhere else if necessary. At this point, I'm leaning towards one person to win it all, but I'm not sure if the person has enough fanbase to carry a win. Let's see.

Here we go!


03. Jona Soquite
I've never been a fan of Jona - or any of the remaining singers on Team Sarah - as I got this 'contesera' vibe from her that's too old school for my taste. If this was the 90s, I would probably root for her, but now, I don't think she'd be relevant. So yes, Symphony as a song choice came as a shock and I would've jumped the bandwagon had she only executed the song well. She started off well giving some much needed restraint, but as soon as she hit the chorus, everything went straight to hell. Her transitions were incredibly problematic, her pitch was all over the place, her diction suffered, and by the end of it, it came off like she was just shouting at us. I liked that she went out of her comfort zone, but it was a risk that didn't pay off. 4

02. Ivan Navares
Pagbigyang Muli
Unlike Jona, Ivan stayed within his lane and delivered a decent version of the song. His vocals were mostly on point and I genuinely didn't notice much problems with him on a technical standpoint. However, I almost cried by the sheer boredom that I experienced watching his performance. He did try his hardest though and I applaud him for that, but come on. Fortunately, he sounded a lot better than Jona, so there's that. 5

01. Nisha Bedana
All I Ask
I gasped at the thought of Nisha covering Adele just because I don't want another unpleasant screamfest from her. I mean, Adele's songs lend its melody for some unnecessary and indulgent singing and she has been one of those contestants that tend to show off her technical skills rather than perform and feel the actual song. Shockingly though, Nisha just delivered possibly her most controlled vocal performance on the show. It wasn't perfect, but it was miles better than what I expected. 8

Ivan Navares


03. Queenie Ugdiman
Itanong Mo Sa Mga Bata
Such a shame. Queenie has one of the most distinctive vocal tones in the competition, and with the elimination of Patricia Luna from last night, I was hoping that she'd be able to pull through for a diverse set of finalists. Sadly, her nerves and emotions got the best of her. Her terrific vocal tone was front and center at the beginning, but as soon as she stretched out her vocals halfway through, she lost it. She missed a lot of her notes and the ones that she did hit were way too shouty as if we did something wrong to her. Haha. 3.5

02. Isabela Vinzon
What A Girl Wants
The arrangement was interesting as it did serve her voice well and the stage presence was commendable. That said, there's an affected quality to her tone that I didn't enjoy, her diction was so great, and it came off like she was trying way too hard to impress. There was no ease to her performance and that made for an uncomfortable experience. Plus, her vocals were a hit or miss. 5.5

01. Emarjhun de Guzman
It's A Man's Man's Man's World
Hands down, the best performance this week - and yes, that includes the performances from yesterday. Sure, there were moments where I couldn't understand what he was saying, but the passion, the grit, the phrasing, the control were pretty impressive. I particularly liked how he made some minor tweaks to the melody that separated his version to A LOT of covers from other reality singing shows. This was pretty awesome. 9

Queenie Ugdiman
The Voice Teens Philippines: Second Live Show [Team Sarah & Team Bamboo] Reviewed by DAM on 12:29 AM Rating: 5


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