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The Voice Teens Philippines: Semifinals [Team Lea & Team Sarah]

Why are the live shows so fast? We're only getting three weeks of live performances? It's like watching a terrible romance film where we were bombarded with exciting expositions at the beginning and soon as we're at the climax, *poof* it's done. Haha. I mean, we're crowning someone who we only saw perform six (6) times. What gives? As much as the Blind Audition was thoroughly entertaining, it was also excruciatingly long. But then again, what do I know?


Nisha Bedana
Can't Take That Away
Look, I've never been fond of Nisha and her tendency to oversing especially during the earlier rounds of the competition, but I must say that how she handled the opening verse of Can't Take That Away was incredibly well controlled, which was also apparent from her rendition of Adele's All I Ask last week. She did drop a couple of notes as soon as the band kicked in, but this still was a pretty solid showing from Nisha. 8

Jona Soquite
Greatest Love of All
Overdone song notwithstanding, this was, hands down, Jona's best performance on the show. Her ability to navigate the quite verse at the beginning with total restraint and ease was quite refreshing, but the range and power she showcased as the song progressed was just impressive. There were some minor pitch issues when she transitioned towards the end, but I digress. This was a pleasant surprise from Jona. Let's not talk about the tacky background set, however. Haha.  9

Nisah Bedana


Chan Millanes
A Song For You
Tough song to sing, but Chan actually managed to pull it off quite nicely. I admit, I didn't think he had the vocals to deliver something as hard hitting as A Song For You given the intricate dynamics of the melody, but he did. I thought he connected with the song really well, he looked comfortable on stage, and there's a quiet confidence to his performance. I did have some problems with his transitions as it didn't sound as seamless as I expected, but good effort nonetheless. 7.5 

Mica Becerro
Loving You
This was another good vocal performance from Mica. The level of difficulty of off the charts, his whistle tone was spot on, and for the first time this season, she did look relaxed on stage. I'm just wondering now though if there's something else for her to show beyond opera because if you take away that whistle bit in the song and just focus on the verses, she's not that remarkable. Don't get me wrong. Based on the merits of this performance, she deserved all the love, but I'm just saying. There has to be something else other than what she initially showcased. 8

Chan Millanes
The Voice Teens Philippines: Semifinals [Team Lea & Team Sarah] Reviewed by DAM on 2:04 PM Rating: 5

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